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About Us

Opening young eyes to wonder.

The care of your child is the single biggest act of trust you can make. The least we can do is let you know who we are, and what we're all about.

We started T Bar M in 1981 as a way to connect people more deeply to the love of God, through good old--fashioned play in the midst of the beauty of His creation.

Three decades and change later, we may have grown to over 270 summer staffer, added 120 more acres on Lake Travis, (and more paint balls than we can count), and draw campers from Houston, San Antonio, Austin, Dallas, and states across the nation, but we haven't strayed one bit from that mission.

And with every summer that passes, we find ourselves more committed than ever to the power of play, the value of sports, the healing benefits of nature, and to being daily examples of Christ's unconditional love to everyone.

While we're not affiliated with any one church or denomination, our staff does hold to a common statement of faith. Campers from all types of faith backgrounds are welcome, and will hear the good news of Jesus Christ presented thoughtfully and lovingly each week.

The heart of T Bar M is undoubtedly our coaches (that's what we call counselors around here). These college kids are the best of the best, rigorously screened and extra--rigorously trained to do two things very, very well. The first thing: keep your kids safe. The second one: love your kid where they are. T Bar M coaches share a common passion to give kids the freedom to be who they are, free from the distractions of daily life or the pressures of their daily social circles. They excel at listening, at speaking from experience, and at modeling the love of Christ in real and practical ways.

The short story is, your kids are in very good hands. And we can't thank you enough for trusting us with a week of their lives.