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Summer Coaches

Summer Camp Counselors

We call our summer staff "Coaches" because we understand the influence they have with every camper they meet. That's why we take our job serious when looking for our summer staff. Each year we receive over 1000 applications from students from over 70 different universities and schools. Candidates must complete a four-page application, mail in references, participate in personal interviews and back ground checks. Then we prayerfully consider each candidate before hand-picking over 270 of the most amazing and caring collegiate and high-school staff around. We look for staff that is spiritually, mentally and emotionally mature to ensure your camper is not only in good hands, but in good hearts. Each of our staff attends a thorough, ten-day training session where they are taught spiritual and physical safety procedures, appropriate teaching methods for social and biblical principles, safety issues with each activities, plus the special mothering touches to ensure your camper has a life-changing experience at camp. Sure the activities are awesome, but the relationships between campers and coaches are what bring about real change in camper's lives.