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Cole Adams

Senior Director of Finance & Administration

The Lord has grown Cole in some incredible ways as he led in our camping ministry since arriving on our year round staff in 2003.  Starting January 2019, the Lord gave Cole more opportunities to learn and grow by making the T Bar M internal move into leading our Finance and Administration department (including Finance, I.T., and Human Resources).  He is incredibly excited about bringing his Camp experience into the operational side of our organization...who knows he may have our Finance and Admin staff doing Sport Specialties! Cole and Jen both worked at Sports Camp the summer of 1996 (Total Commitment!), but that was long before Cole gave Jen her ring. They both attended McMurry University where Cole was an All-American football player and Jen played basketball. Some would say they were "big stuff" at McMurry earning the distinguished honor of Chief & Princess McMurry (Cole paid us big dollars not to publish that picture) ... an honor that was voted on by their peers. Guess Jen looked hot in her Princess attire because Cole proposed soon after and they were wed in 1998.

After graduating, Cole stayed at McMurry for two years as a football coach before being called to the Hill Country to teach and coach at Westwood High School. But Cole and Jen's passion for the camping ministry kept them coming back to camp working summers at Camp Travis while teaching full-time during the school year. Cole finally joined the ranks of full-time staff as Sports Camp Director in July of 2003. Jen also works at camp part time building and keeping relationships with alumni (she's a natural at enjoying a good conversation) and publishing Family Matters - a devotional for families.

Cole is an avid cyclist and actively competes in road races between helping Jen raise their four children, Kate (fluent in Spanish thanks to school), Leighton (a gamer at heart), Lance (give you a nickel if he can't make you smile) and Layne (sheer joy). Cole and Jen love family life and if you're ever in the neighborhood, you'll probably see the entire Adams family out on a bike ride (and I'm not talking about the average bike ride).

p.s. Be sure to ask Cole or Jen about Layne's story ... they love to share God's faithfulness in his little, precious life!

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 830-620-4263 x215