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Keith Myer

Senior Director of Program Development

Keith's actual title is Senior Director of Discipleship Programs and International Development ... but that's too long to publish on the main page. However, the length of his title matches the length of his serve at T Bar M.

From plumbing to payroll to Timothy Team ... Keith has kept an eye on it all since 1996. 23 years later, in 2019, Keith moved into a new role at T Bar M. A role where his passion runs deep ... discipleship. Keith will be expanding our discipleship programs along with developing international opportunities for our T Bar M family and staff.

Keith's love for the camping ministry began in college. He worked all four summers at a Christian camp while earning his degree at the University of North Texas. Although he taught science and coached in the public school system for 7 years, Keith jumped at a chance to join T Bar Camps in 1996 directing the Timothy Team program. But Camp back then, like today, was growing fast and needed someone to look after all the details. Keith's plethora of skills fit the challenge and he began overseeing the property and finances of T Bar M.

Back in 1998, Keith pioneered the mission's program at T Bar M.  A year earlier Keith took the Timothy Team on a winter ski trip meant to bond the group, but he felt an unsatisfying void in his discipleship program. That dissatisfaction led him to take his next team to the mission field ... an outback trip to the mountains of Panama to work with the Guymai Indians. Keith's life was forever changed and missions became his deepest passion. Using sports as a vehicle to sharing Christ's love with others has given Keith the opportunity to lead over 50 outback mission trips.

Keith is married to his high-school sweetheart, Alice (who also works for camp), and is father to three beautiful girls. His oldest daughter Becca married a handsome MAC in a wonderful ceremony at Camp Travis where the two of them met. They now have two girls who affectionately call Keith Sabba (Hebrew for Grandfather). His middle daughter Jennifer met the man of her dreams while studying in Israel after earning her biology degree from Belmont University in Nashville.  She and her husband live in Israel and are expecting their first child in April. His youngest, Ashley, is a graduated with a mathematics degree from Texas State and is teaching math in New Braunfels.

Email: [email protected]
Phone: 830-620-4263 x2603