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Find out what we did to not waste fun TODAY at TBarM Camps...

Hey Parents!


This morning was nothing short of AMAZING! We put together treasure maps, made hook hands to fish out beads, and watched a pirate walk the plank! All while finding treasure hidden through the Outback! At the end of SWASHBUCKLERS and SCALLYWAGS, we had an AUCTION! Teams bid on tons of FUAGNEM prizes including but not limited to: throwing their coach in the pool, stadium seating during Team Meeting, and snack with our skit characters, Carl and Gladys Huckleberry!


Then, for Batter's Box skit, Carl and Gladys taught us that love is not jealous and does not brag. Carl needed to be reminded of this when he began to boast about his ping pong skills. We headed to Batter's Box time to dig into Luke 15:22-29, 31-32, the parable of The Lost Son. We learned that bragging and jealousy don't show God's love. He's the one who gives us our talents and abilities! HE DOESN'T BRAG. IN HIM, WE DON'T BRAG!


After a delicious lunch in the CHUCKWAGON, the older boy teams headed to the ROPES COURSE for an afternoon of soaring high! Boys went off the Screamer, Bushwhacker, Zipline, and Leap of Faith - it was AWESOME! Fears were conquered as we looked to the Lord for our strength! He never fails us and we can always trust Him. The rest of our campers had an AMAZING time swimming, blobbing, diving, sliding, playing games, making crafts, and learning about Jesus in the OUTBACK!

To wrap up this incredible day, we had a little TEAM MEETING! We practiced the dance moves to our Final Score Theme Song! Then we watched "Dr.'s Office", a classic TBarM skit. Next, we played APPLE TRIVIA. Two campers were chosen to come up on stage and answer trivia questions about what they learned in their Batter's Box. But little did they know, their coaches had to come up too and bob for an apple before they could answer the question! It was FUAGNEM and the BOYS took home the "W" with the WINNER TAKE ALL question! Then, Chris gave us a message about love and how Proverbs 14:30 says, "A heart at peace gives life to the body; but envy rots the bones." 


Don't forget - tomorrow is STAR FORCE: THE OUTBACK AWAKENS! Get your camper pumped for a galactic festival that will be out of this world! Come dressed ready to USE THE FORCE!

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