It's Closing Time ...

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Saturday at camp. While the final day yields some pretty big tears and hearts that will miss each other (oh and some dirty laundry and much needed naps) ... it also demands an amazing celebration of YOUR camper and our God that is crazy about us. You will not want to miss it.

It seems like long thirty minutes when a hug from your camper is just yards away.  But, it's worth the wait. 

Closing day is worth the wait.  It is an amazing view into your child's experience.

Each camp has two elements of their closing day:  Team Meeting/Main Thing  and Cabin Time.

Team Meeting is a GRAND celebration of the Whole Camp Experience.   You will hear your children sing and laugh in one mass of fun, you will see the video of the week, you will have a chance to see the heartbeat of camp as our Directors share.  But they don't share a lot ... we save the good sharing for the campers and coaches at Cabin Time.

Cabin Time.  Oh, Cabin Time. Allow me to pause as I put my mom's hat on.  Cabin time is a sweet, fun half hour where you get a magnified view of your child's experience.  Campers will share their cheers and favorite parts of camp.  You will hear the stories from their hearts as they feed off of one another.  Each coach takes their small group and takes the time to talk about each camper.  What a joy to hear someone else see the things in your child that you love.  And what a privilege to hear about all of the other campers that are in your child's camp memories.  

Closing Ceremony.  Worth the wait.

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