It's A Dad! It's A Mom! No, It's A Coach!

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Just like mom and dad, our T Bar M Coaches have quite a few "hats to wear" ... and they do it with excellence!

Our summer staff doesn't realize it, but they take a crash course in parenting 101.  (but with more fun and intentionality than a mom has time for in "real life")  And they ACE the class as they make lasting impressions on our kiddoes!  After signing the contract, going through training camp, filling their brain with knowledge of so many new things and submerging their hearts with everything the Lord needs them to have, our T Bar M Coaches jump in with all they have.  They balance many jobs, fill several new roles, juggle tasks and wear quite an array of hats.   

Take a look at just who are coaches are ...  (warning, you will want to take one home with you!)

Our coaches are welcoming.   From the moment you step into camp, to each morning of the day.  They welcome you into the best week of your life and they welcome you into their lives.  

Our coaches are lifesavers.   If you need a little support in the pool, they are trained.  If you need a little support in managing the rough waters of life, they know about who can help us all through that, Jesus, and they can't wait to teach you about Him!

Our coaches Don't Waste Fun.   It's our #1 rule at camp.  Even if you aren't ready to be in the middle of the fun ... they will do it for you ... so you can have fun watching!

Our coaches are encouragers.  In competition, daily chores, difficult relationships, ropes courses and everything in between ... you will hear and see encouragement at every turn and in every heart.  It is one of the things we know campers take home with them ... how to encourage.

Our coaches make serving FUN!   Camp is hard work.  Real hard.  But somehow, someway ... they make serving and working a blast.  And kids notice!

Our coaches make mealtime an experience.  Feeding our bodies while feeding our hearts go hand in hand.  Meaningful conversations, silly traditions and manners are served in abundance right along side the food!

Our coaches are ready for action.  We take training seriously and we put it into action with purpose.  At any moment, we are ready to get the job done!

Our coaches will take you to new heights ... safely.  "Challenge by choice" is a phrase you will hear at camp.  We never want to push our campers into their "panic zone" but do want to encourage them to step out of their "comfort zone".  Big growth occurs at new heights and experiences.  

Our coaches problem solve.  Just because we are at a Christian Camp, doesn't mean that sin isn't with us.  Problems occur, life happens ... and we our honored to walk campers through the learning experience of problem solving.

Our coaches are pulling for their campers!   Each camper is so different.  We treasure that.  Our coaches take the time to know each child for who they are and help them develop that and continue to grow in confidence as the person Christ created them to be.

Our coaches are teachers.   We do not take lightly that the Word of God is our guide.  We can not wait to dig into the Bible and see what it has to say about our life and how to live it for Christ.

Our coaches are there until the end.   We give them a couple of hours off each week ... but other than that, they are with the kiddoes ... until the very end ... physically, emotionally with support, friendship, guidance and love.   And you will even hear from them past the "finish line" of camp.  You will  LOVE our off season communication!


We sure can't wait for you to know these students that we love, trust and call coaches!  Come and meet them at camp this summer!



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