The Kids Are Away ... Let The Parents Play!

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It is the end of school. It is insane busy. Summer is so close it is a tease ... for everybody. But it's coming ... summer is coming. The days of packing no lunches, easing up on bedtime and sleeping in a bit are near. Hang on mamas ... YOU. CAN. MAKE. IT!

But we all know a parent's job is never "done".  There is still some planning and organizing in the summer.  For Camp, moms will be checking packing lists,  filling trunks and duffels, writing letters and tending to every detail as they get their camper ready to go away for a week.

 And then one Sunday this summer, the bags that are loaded in your car will  transfer to the cabin, hugs will be given and the coaches will be met.   (and if you are like me, a few ...or more... tears will fall from your cheek).

Your camper will stay with their new friends and in their home away from home as you walk back to your car head to your home. 

The home that will have a little more quiet and a lot less cooking and laundry.  The home that will have a schedule that doesn't need to be managed.  Goodness.  It is going to be different.    T Bar M Camps might have all of your kiddos for the week or just one, but there is for sure some room for you to do things a little different to fill the void of one kiddo away for the week.

So MAKE THE MOST OF IT!  As much as you have planned for your campers week away ... take some time to plan for your week.  And feel free to do a little HAPPY DANCE when you think of the extra time ... go ahead ... you are allowed to (we do it ALL the time around camp)

Tackle ONE project that you have been waiting to have time to do.  Five days ... one project ... you've got this.   Scrapbook, clean the closet that explodes when you open it, volunteer in town, paint a room, plant ... if you are like me, the list is ENDLESS.  Pick one ... or all of them.


Do not hesitate ONE bit to sit still.  Read for hours.  Take a nap.  Enjoy a lingering coffee in the morning or dinner at night.  Don't Rush.  It is RARE to have time to sit and reflect.  You will have the opportunity to start AND complete a thought.  Some sweet times ahead for you ... sit still ... know that He is God.


Whether it is a trip for the week or one "out of the ordinary" excursion for you (mid day movie, skydiving, day trip to the beach). GO ... Have fun!  Why should we have all the fun at camp?


From cookbooks to The Good Book to a good nail biting story ... find a book.   Read it cover to cover and serve popcorn for dinner because you just. can't. put. the. book. down.


​When those moments come and your heart is longing for your camper and you have refreshed the daily pictures for the twenty seventh time ... be grateful for that sweet soul the Lord has given to you.  Write them a note for their pillow when they get home.   It is hard when they are out from under our wings, because we love them deeply.  Be grateful.


Grab a friend, neighbor, family member that you just don't get to see enough.   Yall can have lunch where they don't use ketchup packets, go for a walk, run or day trip, see a movie or just sit and chat.  Enjoy a little uninterrupted time with others.  Go on a picnic ... you know, like we used to do B.C. (before children).  You might have other kids at home ... what a treat to have time to dedicate to them.  Take advantage of it!

Goodness! We are EXCITED for your week while the kids are at camp! We know they will have a blast while they are with us ... and it sounds like you could too!






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