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Imagine a place where life lessons click... where experiences shape, mold and grow... where learning sticks.

We can read pages and pages about how to tie a shoe, ride a bike, bake cookies or fly a kite ... but when you put down the book and actually do it ... that's when the learning begins to stick.

Camp is an extraordinary place to learnWe learn how to do extra well with the ordinary, every day things of life.

Growth starts when we look into God's Word to tell us how He intended us to walk and talk and live with others. So at camp, we start there. There are several times set aside each day to sit down and discuss Truth and learn. But throughout the entire week, we ask campers and staff to lean in, look close and think twice about the life we are given. 

At camp, we put what we learn in to action all day, all week, with all people.  And we happen to have an extraordinary time doing just that!  Applying life lessons like these, never was so fun... take a look!

Serving others.  Whether its passing the pancakes, allowing someone to go ahead of you or waiting your turn to talk.  We seek to put Jesus first, Others Second and ourselves last.  Jesus. Others. You.  What a great formula for JOY.

Encouraging friends. We have found it impossible to frown when you are cheering on a team mate, listening to a friend or purposefully telling someone how valuable they are. Encouragement brings smiles to all hearts and faces.

Working as a Team.  From Cabin Clean Up, to competitions or maybe a harmless prank... working together is never as fun as it is at camp. But the lessons learned while working as a team last far beyond camp.

Being PUMPED about who you are. It's easy to forget just how amazing God created each of us. As we consistently look at the Great One who created us ... we can consistently be grateful for who we are.

Being Intentional.  A kind word. A needed hug. A listening ear. An action taken. A high five. Looking to the needs of others and choosing to meet that need is a life lesson that will always keep giving.

Talking.  While texting and snapping have become our communication source, at camp we hold strong to face to face conversations. Asking questions, making eye contact, resolving confict, encouraging one another and sharing about life in order to foster relationship building. 

Being a good sport.  As adults, we know that this doesn't end on the sports field, or the junior high lunch table.  We model this all throughout a day at camp.  

Camp is one of the most lasting, rewarding experiences parents can give their children. T Bar M Camps builds self-esteem and gives kids a sense of independence all while growing their faith.      


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