Look Out Below

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At camp, we see God's Word played out in some amazing ways ...

"Look out below" is the name of the final bible study our day and sports camp campers do this summer.

It is the story found in Mark 2:1-12.   Four friends are simply itching to have their friend (who can't walk) see Jesus.  They want their buddy to experience Christ.   So, they haul him up on the roof of the home that Jesus in in ... and lower him and his pallet down through the roof right in front of Jesus.  


I LOVE what these guys did in order to have their friend experience, know and simply be near Jesus.  They knew that Jesus would heal his heart and could perhaps heal his legs.

This summer, my heart was been filled and jaw has been dropped too many times to count by the way I see our staff serve Jesus through campers and one another.   I see it as I walk through camp, as my children and friends  recount their experiences, as I am blessed myself .... and through pictures.

As I was looking through Camp Travis Session Five pictures ... I saw several pictures of one camper in a wheel chair.  He was playing basketball. He was laughing.  He was always with his buddies.

In one day's pictures, I  saw a picture of him leaning on some buddies walking down the dock road. 

And then another of his coach carrying him.  

And then I saw this:

That smiling guy in the front did not get down to the dock alone.   Those guys carried him down there.  

I don't know their names.  I don't really know anything about any of them.  

But I do know they all experienced Jesus a bit closer on Monday.  Each one of them, whether serving or being served experienced Jesus.  You see, when we "carry" others to Jesus, we go with them.  And we find ourselves one step closer to Jesus.  

Crazy?!   Nah ... that is the type of thing knowing Jesus compels us to do .... serve in ways that allows people closer to Jesus and the experiences He has for us.


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