More Than A Circle

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It was twenty four years ago when I stood in the circle for the first time. And I have the same feelings each time I see it form on the T Bar M Sports Field each May.

There is a tradition (a tradition!)  Summer after summer, a holy huddle forms on the field with Jaw-Knee-Polk in the middle.   Anyone that has stood there knows that the stomachs are filled with  knots, hearts are beating out of chests and  minds are filled with millions of thoughts and fears of what the summer ahead holds. 

In fact,   I still get a few knots and a small quick pulse FOR the coaches that gather on that green field.  
Then I quickly remember how my emotions turned from nauseating nervousness to
excitement and expectation 
because of the first summer I spent serving.

The first time you stand in that holy huddle you only see anxious grins and sweaty hands.  But when you have a summer behind you ... you see so much more with your heart ...

...friends that have not met yet and soon will wonder if they were separated at birth.

..people you will name your kid after.

...characters that will become a vital part of your story. time friends that will stand beside you until the end.   

...relationships that will challenge one another, in good AND hard ways.

...groups of people that will serve side by side to impact campers.

You see with your heart ...the BODY OF CHRIST.

And it. gives. me. chills.  Everytime.

Anyone that has stood in that circle to start off their summer at camp, knows ... you won't be the same.

We are PUMPED for the coaches that arrived today.  We can not wait to see how the Lord will use them, bless them, stretch them and change them this summer.  We treasure sitting with them at the end and hearing them reflect back to that first day on the field ... and how they are not the same, because of Jesus Christ.

Coaches of 2014 ... it's going to be a GAME CHANGER summer. We are SO GLAD to be serving Jesus in the SAME CIRCLE AS YOU!

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