Opening Day

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The day has come ... time to drop your child off for a week of camp. Some parents can't wipe the smile off their face, some parents can't keep the tears from falling. The kids have nerves and excitement all bundled up in one. And the staff at T Bar M welcome all of the above with open arms and open hearts.

Opening Day at Camp.  For our campers, it comes once a summer.  It's a big deal to them.  And it is a big deal to us.

As families wait to come in the gate, hearts are pumping, minds are racing and energy is high.  As coaches wait for the families to come through the gate, prayers are lifted, cabins are prepped and oh, the energy is through the roof.   Parents busy themselves with last minute checks, writing letters, sneaking a hug when they can.  Campers are soaking in every sight and sound they can.   They are at camp ... but not  yet.

The moment comes and the gates open to welcome the campers and their families.  The gates open ... and so do our hearts.  We are ready to see what the Lord does in the next six days while we are all together.

Opening Day is more than just a "drop off" of campers. 

It is an opportunity to meet the coach that will be leading your child for the week.  You'll know their name and be given a little info to take home to know them more.  You will get to see and meet a few of the other campers that will be sharing life with your child.  As Sports Camp, you will be able to go see their cabin.  At Travis, that will come at closing day ceremony.  

No doubt it is a lot to take in, when you bring your child to camp.  Take it in.  Stop a few times on the path, on the field and take it in.  Look around at where they will be.  Everyone and everything around them will play a role in their camp experience.  Soak it in.

Take time to talk to staff ... we very much want to know you and your family.  We are everywhere, you can't miss us.  You'll be handed information on your way out ... everything you need to know while your child is at camp.  Your brain power has been used to give your child last minute words ... we get that.  So, we wrote it down for you.

And when all that is done.  Leave.  Get out.  You have at least one less mouth to feed this week.  ENJOY!  Have a great week ... we sure will!

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