Our Coaches ... We Can't Wait For You To Meet Them.

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It's hard to imagine leaving your child at camp for a week. A week without you as the parent. A week of new adventures and new people. Any parent would wonder, just who will be leading my child through these adventures? It is our honor to introduce you to them ...

Some camps call them "counselors," but at T Bar M Camps, we call them "coaches" ... which means ... friend, encourager, servant, leader, super hero, humble and so. much. more. 

We do not take it lightly that you trust T Bar M Camps with your child for a week. The staff counts your decision as an honor; therefore, we strive to have the utmost of integrity while providing the safest and richest camp experience for your camper. And we could not do it without our coaches.

Our coaches are recruited, interviewed and trained thoroughly. Not one part of the process is taken lightly. Our director staff chooses the colleges, high schools and organizations that we recruit from with great discernment. The interview process could be called "intense" ... there is no beating around the bush or assuming ... we ask the questions that parents would want to know before leaving their children for a week. The training is fun ... and thorough. An entire week is spent being trained on how to teach Bible study, how to instruct in sports, dealing with homesickness, bed wetting, speaking about relationships, peer pressure, social media and of course plenty of first aid. Our County District Attorney (and mom of a camper) teaches our staff about the appropriate way in dealing with kids. We do not take our training lightly. As a mom, I often feel like I need to go back to staff training ... no doubt, they are well equipped to be a parent for a week!

Our coaches are part of a matrix, a grid ... a plan of support. While they are pouring into the campers, one of our leadership staff is investing into them ... meeting with them, checking on them and cheering them along. We realize that our coaches need support as they support the campers. We feel strongly that investing in our training and relationships is why the attitude of joy, service, learning and Christ Centered fun is so rich at camp ... and beyond.    

See what folks have to say about our coaches ...

One coach recalls his interview process, "It was the most difficult interview I have ever had. If I had not been discipled and trained how to share my faith I wouldn't have made the cut. He asked me about my testimony, my current faith walk, and how I was going to make an impact on kids if I was hired to work for T Bar M Camps. If the interview process is anything like is was back then, you can be certain that they did hire the "best of the best" and that your kids will have a great week at camp."

One camper turned coach says this, "My coach was awesome. In fact, I went on to coach Day Camp kids because of her! She probably has no idea how much of an impact she was to so many of us girls."

This mom speaks about the impact on her sons, "The impact that our coach has had on our boys is truly a gift from the Lord! Our boys have had the privilege to see what a true follower of Christ is like and the friendship and example they have with their coach will surely last a lifetime."

Sign up for T Bar M Camps today. It will be a summer your kids will remember for a lifetime. 

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