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Dear Camper Parents, We want to make your camp experience a tad bit easier. Let's talk about letters and packages ... you will love the tips we have for you. Yours Truly, Your T Bar M Camp Fans

At Sports Camp and Camp Travis, we have a system set up for you to make mailing the camper you love, oh. so. easy.

(Day Camp and D252 families, you leave your sweet notes under their pillows at night).

There are two (count em 1, 2) ways you can send your camper good o fashioned letters and packages.

1.  Write them, stamp them, address them and mail them.  
T Bar M Sports Camp * 2549 Highway 46 West * New Braunfels, Texas 78132
T Bar M Camp Travis * 2800 CR 414 * Spicewood, Texas 78669

2.  Write them and bring them with you.   (you will love this one!)

On opening day at each camp, we have a mail station.  You may bring letters already written and sealed or packages (no bigger than a 8.5 by 11 envelope) and place them in one of the big o tubs we have.  Each tub is labeled Monday through Friday, so YOU can choose which day your camper receives some love from you.

Common Q & A about mail drop off.

*Can we send something every day?  YES!  A lot of parents will prepare a little note or package for each day of the week.

*Do we have to send something?  No.  You sent them to camp ... we think that's enough.  But a sweet note, sure brings a smile to their faces mid week.  For your independent camper: give them a big o hug and kiss to last all week .. make it BIG and in front of a LOT of people. 

*Can we email with our camper?   YOU can email your camper.  Check out the instructions to do so here.  Your camper can not email back ...they will be out and about experiencing a MILLION things not attached to a screen.

*What do people put in the packages?   Dollar store trinkets, mad libs, decks of cards, paper and crayons, joke books, things laying around the house that they don't play with anymore,  theme day fun (glow sticks for Mission Impossible, silly sunglasses for Camper's Award night, red or blue paint).  

*What if we forget or don't have time to do this before we arrive?  We have you covered.  There are picnic tables set up with paper and pens for you to write your camper before you leave.  Our camp store also sells care packages that you can order ahead of time or on opening day.

*Is there a limit on mail?  Other than the package size (8.5 by 11 inch envelope), there is no limit.  Grandparents, neighbors, siblings, pets can all send a little note to their camper.  

*Will my camper write back? We can not guarantee that.  They do have a "rest time" in the middle of the day that is a great time to write.  Equip them with the tools to write. Send them with self addressed stamped envelopes.  Some parents have even pre written a multiple choice/fill in the blank letter that makes it simple for the camper to return ... in hopes of hearing from them.



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