Sunrise To Sunset

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When asked how much of the day is spent on Biblical teaching at camp, our answer is, "all of it."

Don't panic that you are sending your camper to 24/7 Sunday School. That is not the case. At all. But it is true ... if we are up and moving, you will see biblical teaching happening.

We fully believe in the old saying, "I would rather see a sermon than hear one." Our staff lives out Colossians 3:23: "Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, so that it will glorify your Father in Heaven." You'll see some pretty sweet "biblical teaching" from sun up to sun down around T Bar M Camps.

Is there good ol' sit-down-open-up-the-Good-Book Teaching? Absolutely. We sit down each day and open up the Bible and dig in. Each morning at camp there is a designated time of 30-45 minutes to sit still and soak in God's Word. A coach and 4-6 campers huddle up all across camp and see what God's Word has to say to them. (It's an amazingly holy sight to see at camp).   

In the afternoon, the MACs (Men After Christ) and WOGs (Women of God) gather to learn even more about what God's word says. You might see some crafts and dodgeball mixed in there too.

Each evening after Team Meeting, each cabin huddles up again to discuss how they saw God in their day and discuss how to put into action what they learned in God's Word.

But in the in between times, the Bible is still being taught.  

You can see a lesson being taught as coaches lead the troops in encouragement and fun.

While waiting in the line for the barn swing, you bet there are some mighty teachable moments about patience and encouraging words.

Chilling with a popsicle yields some pretty great conversations that point right back to God and His Word.

A camper seeing his coach praying on the porch after lights out or up early in the morning to spend time in God's Word can speak volumes without opening a book.

We are glad to have a place where the Bible is alive and working every second of the day. We believe that the same Bible is alive and working outside of the camp gates. We see campers beginning to teach us biblically through their actions.  And we are thankful.

Sign up for T Bar M Camps today. It will be a summer your kids will remember for a lifetime. 

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