Take Note.

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At camp there is a two foot area that has made a huge impact on hundreds of people for three decades.

Parents and campers probably have never noticed them:  The small bulletin boards that hang on the Med Mound Porch and in the Rio. They have been there for decades ... full of thumb tacks ... and life giving words.

It's our encouragement board. The very sight of it puts into action a treasure hunt that yields smiles and confidence and joy that can only come from the Lord.

*note that this board was used for a special project.  
our boards are 2x3 feet.

But he uses His people to make it happen. He uses us to encourage one another.

The treasure is for the giver and the receiver.
Spending your day looking  for ways to encourage one another produces life changing perspective in yourself.  
To give a gift of words to another produces life changing moments for that person.  

It's as simple as a scrap piece of paper or index card.
"Sam, I saw the way you were so patient with your homesick camper.  I can only imagine he saw the Love of Jesus through you."
"I know things are hard back home and you are worried about your grandmother.  I have been praying this verse for you."

This isn't just for camp. 
It can be done in your home, in your office, in your locker room. "Thank you for working with excellence.  You are a great example to so many."
It can be as simple as post it notes in your car to leave notes when you see someone in town. "Moms of littles is hard.  Hang in there.  You are doing great!"
It can be a simple text to a friend that pops into your heart.  "I loved the way you used your talents on the year book.  God gave you great creativity"

Coaches have held on to such scraps turned treasures for twenty years.   My husband carries one in his wallet.  Though the words and corners are worn, the reminder of the power in encouraging others to live like Christ will never wear down.

It doesn't take long.  It doesn't take money.  It simply takes intentional walking with Jesus as you notice what is going on in the lives of others.

Soon you will see the treasure chest is overflowing.  So give it away generously.

"Therefore encourage one another and build each other up just as in fact you are doing."

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