They Love God. They Love Kids. They Love To Play.

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Our Coaches Love God, Love Kids and Love to Play. No doubt. Our campers have some additions to that job description ...

IT IS HERE!  This week, our 2014 Summer Staff (who we call Coaches) are beginning to arrive THIS WEEK!   Their arrival, gets our hearts smiling, minds racing, adrenaline pumping ... because of three reasons:

1.  Kids are coming soon too!  We wait our whole year for that ... literally!

2.  God has hand picked each of these students to be at T Bar M Camps ...
 and we can not do camp with out Him OR THEM!

3.  There will be AMAZING stories to watch unfold over the next three months ...
and these fired up, available, Jesus in Chacos students are in the cast of characters.

We are serious about our Coaches ... we are serious about the way we hire them ... we are serious about the way we equip, support and pray for them ... and we are serious about how crazy we are about them and what the Lord does through them.   SERIOUSLY ... we are!

When a student expresses interest in working at camp, we ask three questions:  Do you ... love God?  love kids?  love to play?    If it's yes to all three ...well, then lets visit more!  Recently, we asked an expert panel (of campers) for their input on what qualities a Coach will need to serve at Camp.  They had some great thoughts!

Courtney says, "They should be nice, she should be able to trust them, be a Christian, know how to swim, have a bible, can teach kids about Jesus, know about Jesus, be able to run fast, be a good listener to the owner, they should concentrate on watching the kids and not daydream."   

Colton said, "They should be kind, patient, nice, fun, slow to anger, talented and that they should wake up with a smile."

Lori thinks they should have these qualities:  nice, kind, willing to do anything, encouraging, fun. Her brother, Brody added these characteristics: loyal, helpful, great, Godly, awesome.  And Abilene, the youngest camper added that they need to be "BLOBTASTIC".   Mom (alumni coach herself) knows they will be fearless, flexible, selfless, sacrificing and full of love.

The Morris Family is confident that the Coaches will be considerate, kind, playful, smart, faithful, exuberant, fun, crazy, follower of God, nice as well as helpful, a teacher and respectful.

Cal says, "They need to have lots and lots of time. Be a little teachy and a lot of fun."

Leighton says, " A Christian ... DUH!"

Kids ... We've got it covered!  THEY ARE ON THEIR WAY!   I love that the one consistent thread running through our "expert panel" was that they Love God.  Duh or no Duh .. we agree,  kiddos!  God is what sustains our amazing staff, equips them to love and teach our campers and allows them to learn from God too.  They all Love God and desire to follow Him.

Let's ALL be a "coach" this summer, wherever your days take you ... just
Love God.  Love Others.  And Love to Play!

We can't wait to see our campers and ALL our coaches walk through the gates at T Bar M Camps this summer!







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