Think Twice: Scared And Unsure

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Have you ever felt scared and unsure? Check out how the Camp Travis Campers discuss God's Truth .. camp style!

Sometimes life gives you a simple task.  A task that is easy to hold and simple to manage.  "I've got this," you say with confidence.

And then all of the sudden you feel someone strapping you in for more of a challenge.  "Trust and listen to me,"  they say.  You are given the instructions you need ... as you need it.  You are given support .. just enough.  You might not even see the person who is speaking and supporting you, but you know they are there ... or at least you trust they are.

You step up to the challenge.  The simple task of holding and managing something easy has been lifted to new heights ... and so will you.   Are you ready?

At Camp Travis, our campers are given milk crates to stack.  What's so hard about that, you ask?  Well, when you are strapped in to a harness and rope and stacking them on top of each other ... a whole new element of trust and control enter the picture.

When this "real life tetris game" is complete, the coach gathers the campers asks three questions.  We call that time  "Think Twice".

--How did you feel before you started stacking crates?   The answers usually start out confident ... as they are still on the ground and in control.   

--What changed when you began to stack in the air?  Campers admitted to feeling out of control (literally) and dependent on those below to help lead them and support them.

--How can we transfer this to our lives at home?  WALA!  Without a doubt, everyone experiencing this event knows that we have to trust God to hold us ... and lean on Him and others to help guide us.  Oh, and to enjoy the adventure!

What is God doing in YOUR life that you are needing to trust Him to hold you and guide you?

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