Training Week Thoughts From A Coach

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With session one underway, the impact of bro week and training week is affecting so much this first week!

Coming back to camp is one of the most exciting things to happen for a coach, let alone for campers. Throughout the whole year, I long for the rush of adrenaline that comes when you take that first step onto the plush green sports field. Here, countless conversations of Jesus take place, kids gain courage and conquer fears on the ropes course, real and authentic friendships are forged on all levels … I’m even eager to see what skit characters will be returning and what they come up with next. Needless to say, there are so many memories tied to this beloved home, T Bar M Camps.

Another memory sets in when I return to camp the reality of how exhausting the job can be.  I ask myself, am I going to have adrenaline for the High Ho’s of Bro week (that’s what we call work projects)? Or playing in the outback during the scorching heat? Or respond joyfully when I hear chants of “just one more” throw into the pool? The resounding answer is YES With each new day, even each new second, God gives the strength and energy and joy needed for the moment.


There is something more to Bro Week and Training Week than just the long list of High Hos and sweet reunion of dear friends. 

The whole point of training is to become better prepared for the task at hand, which is to present Jesus Christ, teach His ways, and represent Him in an exciting, encouraging and enthusiastic camp experience.  That’s the mission of T Bar M Camps, and as coaches, we are in the trenches for that mission. It is beautifully hard and incredibly rewarding.

These moments are what we coaches live for. These weeks prepare us for the times ahead – and every Training Week I’ve attended, I’ve underestimated what’s to come. The end is so glorious. These weeks are diligent days of pursuit of better knowing and being filled by Jesus so that the outpouring of our mouth may be grace and of our hearts the saturation of Christ.

I anticipate many GAME CHANGING moments this summer. During Training Week, we have been challenged in daily sessions to see the Game Changing moments as the will of the Lord. Yes, the moments might include us, but they are not our moments for our glory. 

These game changing moments are for the glory of God. These are His moments for His glory.

So what does this mean for my task this summer?  What do I tell myself when I feel short on strength? Every single person who walks through the gates of camp has literally been sent here because the Lord crafted it perfectly. When thousands of campers step foot onto our campuses, we have been entrusted with this exact moment, radiating with the obvious goodness of the Lord, to share what has caused our lives to become radically changed. We have been brought from dead to life. It doesn’t get more radical than that, except the One who made it possible. Jesus is the ultimate GAME CHANGER.

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