A Treasure To Be Found

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Camp is like a week-long slumber party ... without complete control of the guest list. That can be hard. But looking from a different perspective, it can be pretty great!

At T Bar M Camps, we limit our cabin requests to groups of three. Through the years, we have seen this to be the key to a balanced cabin. We love to see friends come to camp together. The lessons they learn and memories they make are treasures to take back home and share together.

We have also learned that meeting new people with different experiences can be a great treasure too!

There is no doubt that the "unknown" can rattle the nerves a little bit. Imagine that BIG gift wrapped up perfectly with a big bow under the Christmas tree. You are pretty sure that you know what every gift is ... except that one. There are jitters and excitement as you unwrap it with great wonderment of just what it could be.

As campers walk into their cabins opening day, we see some wonderment of just what is in their "unknown gift" ... and we LOVE watching them unwrap it throughout the week.

Children are given the gift of diversity. Seeing life through someone's eyes and heart that is so different from their own ... perhaps it is where they live or even how they live. Our coaches are trained and see them through conversations that will allow kids to grow taller "inside."

The treasure of a life long friend could be found. We cannot count the amount of college roommates, friends that come to the same session every year, bridesmaids and groomsmen that come from friendships that were forged from a new friend at camp.

It is so fun to see the gift of connecting be unwrapped each week. Kiddos that haven't found that person that "gets them" at school have found that friend at camp. We believe that stereotypes aren't as strong at camp because of our staff ... and relationships flourish under that type of community for a week.

There is an old Girl Scout Camp song that says, (I am fairly certain it sounds better in a round)

"Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver and the other gold."

Who wouldn't treasure silver or gold? They are both a precious gift.  
Your camper will find a precious gift in the old friends they know going into camp ... and the new ones they meet while there.

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