Unplug And Survive

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YMCA reports that the average American child spends 7.5 hours a day "plugged in" to screens. When kids become unplugged, that extra time can seem daunting. Well, we accept that challenge ... with JOY!

There is a bit of "detox" a child goes through when we ask them to "unplug" at the dinner table. Some children don't know what to do when a device isn't in their hands to scroll through or build a new world on. It's extremely normal to see six people behind six screens in a living room. Okay, in my living room.

We know the statistics, we know we are ALL plugged into the palm of our hands ... way too much. Sometimes being pulled away from those little boxes of comfort can be daunting. And sometimes, it can be freeing.  

Seven-hours-a-day freeing.  We want the extra time.  We crave to have more wiggle room to just "think".  But then we ... and our kids ... are given that much extra time, we panic. What in the world will we do with that extra time?

At Camp ... we have no problem filling those extra hours.
Instead of plugging into a screen, how about plugging into ...

Relationships.  Sitting and talking, face to face.  Seems archaic these days ... but, man it's a great thing to plug into ... knowing people (real people).

Teamwork.  You can't put your hand in a huddle and be on a team if your hand is filled with a iphone.  And a high five after a great play ...  would be awkward if you were scrolling through instagram.

God's Word.  We love our bible app.  No doubt.  But, you can easily shift your attention to your photo stream pretty darn quick.  When you are holding God's Word and you slide your finger over ... you are still in God's word. That's a good shift.

Serving.  Balancing a plate of food on your surface tablet might get a bit messy and distracting. Serving with your heart and hands is where it is at.

Lingering.  Lingering over a meal that is finished and just talking about the day is priceless. You can post about it later, talk about it now.

Entertainment.  Live entertainment is the best. All senses are engaged. And at camp, all emotions are engaged. We will put them on you tube for you later ... let us do the filming.

Worship.  No distractions.  Just focused on the one true God that is fully focused on you.

Experience new things. Don't just see what others experience or pin what you want to experience.  Lay down the phone and tablet and get out and do it yourself.

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