T Bar M's The Adventure Race

Join us in New Braunfels for the 1st annual Adventure Race! Make memories with your family in this crazy, fun adventure race around the T Bar M property.

What does the registration fee include?

Each registration fee includes an exclusive race t-shirt and a power snack and drink after the race. Any additional proceeds go to support camper scholarships!

September 15, 2019

2:00pm to 5:00pm

Cost: $25/adult (18+) and $15/child & teen


This is a wild and crazy adventure race you and your family won’t soon forget. Contestants will compete together as a team. Be prepared for anything … jumping in a pool, crawling through dirt, and most importantly not wasting any fun. 

All proceeds go to benefit camper scholarships!

First Heat: Parent & Child 12 and under.

Second Heat: Parent & Teen 13-17.

Can a parent do both heats if one child is under 12 and the other a teen? YES!  You’ll have time to catch your breath at the 15 minute break between heats.

Can a parent compete with two kids in the same heat? YES! If you are up for the challenge we are up for cheering you on


A race like you've never seen before.

At T Bar M our number 1 rule is “Don’t Waste Fun.” We take that to heart in every event we put on … this race is no exception. Come with your kids and teens ready to hop over obstacles, get dirty, navigate the terrain, and build lasting memories. 
The event start-to-finish will be non-stop entertainment. With pre-race warm ups, adventure around every corner, and post-race snacks, this is the perfect way to spend your Sunday afternoon. We can’t wait to see you!