Parents! IT’S FRIDAY!! We are so sad to see your campers leave but we have had a FANTASTIC last day with them!

In our final Batter’s Box, campers read about Jesus’ temptation in Matthew. Endurance isn’t easy! Even Jesus-exhausted, hungry and uncomfortable- needed help enduring the tempter. In this story we see that God’s Word gave Jesus comfort, strength and victory! In the same way, when we are tempted to be disobedient, make a bad choice or be selfish God’s Word will help us! We need to know God’s Word and live by it…not try to fight temptation on our own. Let’s decide to hide God’s Word in our hearts-read it, take it in, memorize it and live it!!

FINAL SCORE of the day: He endures all things! In Him, we endure all things!

This morning in specialty time, GCD perfected their dance routine, and let me say, IT IS PERFECT! Way to go team. Football and soccer both played a match against each other and as it turns out….soccer won soccer and football won football. Basketball played against volleyball and ODS played a few rounds of archery tag. Every other specialty had a great time at a POOL PARTY!! Campers got to blob, swim & play on the swim mat in the BRAND NEW pool THE BIG SPRINGS!!

After lunch, boys headed to MAC (Men After Christ!) while the girls headed to WOG (Women of God!) lead by the T Bar M leadership team.

After a relaxing F.O.B. it was time for Cabin X & Ropes. The last of our cabins had a SUPER FUN time with their coaches on the ropes course!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! OOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! It all comes down to FRIDAY night! Alphas and Omegas fought a brave battle tonight. WOGS went into the indoor courts for some INTENSE warball while the MACS stayed on the sports field for a GIANT game of football.  They fought hard, however…………ALPHAS WIN THE WEEK!!!!! It’s their second week in a row.

Parents, thank you for letting your campers spend time with us this week! It has been an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME WEEK!! We have enjoyed teaching them about Christ and the Final Score!! See you soon!