Welcome to camp!! We are so excited and blessed to have your campers here with us this week!!! This week is going to be FANTASTIC!! The theme for this SUMMER is FINAL SCORE. Because of the sacrifice of CHRIST He made the FINAL SCORE & because HE WON WE WIN! Your campers will learn all about Christ this week through Batter’s Box each morning, by the Gospel presentation Wednesday night & the selfless coaches who will be FUAGNEM with your campers!!

It was a SUPER! first day of camp! Whether it was through cabin cheers, specialty time, or the Alpha(ALPHA ALPHA ALL THE WAY!) and Omega(MIGHTY MIGHTY OMEGA!) cheer and pool competitions, campers had a great first day. 

Campers started their day with CABIN FUN on the SPORTS FIELD, playing games and working on Cabin Cheers(My personal favorite were the cabins of PAINTED ROCK & BLACKFOOT! WAY TO GO GUYS AND GALS!!) 

During the first specialty times of the week, campers were able to form relationships with their coaches and show off their skills! Special cheers were made and friendships formed (GO TEAM!) Golf and Baseball met for a short period but soon headed off to the blob pool for some SUPER water fun!! ODS gathered together for a friendly competition *COMPETITION COMPETITION COMPETITION COMPETITION*! Football, tennis, basketball, volleyball, soccer, and aquatics worked on team building exercises with their campers! 

After dinner campers were divided into one of what is considered two of the most important groups around camps: alphas and omegas. There has been friendly rivalry between Alphas and Omegas since the dawn of T Bar M. After meeting at the Lincoln Logs campers split between Alphas and Omegas; a fierce cheer competition ensued. Who would win? It was a tough battle but ultimately the winner was…..THE MIGHTY MIGHTY ALPHAS!!!!!!!! GO TEAM!! After the cheer competition, boys headed to the blob pool with girls headed to the sports pool for the belly flop completion. It was Mr. & Mrs.Alpha vs. Mr. & Mrs. Omega. And the winners were Mr.& Mrs. Omega/Alpha!!!!!!!

Campers ended the evening tonight during Team Meeting. Campers heard an encouraging message from Camp Kid President, watched funny skits, and sang worship music. Our character skit this week is T Bar M Spies!

This week is going to be a great week!! We are excited to have your campers here this week and we cannot wait to see how the Lord is going to move in them and in us.