Good day parents!! Today(yes today) is WACKY WEDNESDAY! Our schedule here at Sports Camp is flipped upside down and all around! Boys were able to go to breakfast FIRST while girls did batter’s box. There was no CABIN CLEAN UP today….YAY!!!!

During Batter’s Box this morning campers read Luke’s account of the crucifixion. In this story, both eyewitnesses (the criminals) gave very different views. One was angry and blind to the truth. The other saw his true guilt and accepted the grave jesus was offering, hope through the ultimate sign of forgiveness. Do you understand Jesus’ power to forgive? Today, think about how you can experience and show Jesus’ loving forgiveness.

Final Score: He Forgave! In Him we forgive!

Campers spent more time in their sports specialties today. Football & Soccer began preparing for the ultimate showdown which will take place Friday. Basketball, Volleyball & Tennis worked together in some GREAT team building exercises! ODS continued their hiking adventures all over camp, a few campers even got to try the archery and shooting range! Today was STUNT DAY for GCD & Aquatics worked on a fun swim routine. Baseball & Golf continued to learn some foundational techniques to help improve their skill.

Ahoy Matey’s! Pirates(campers) & their captains(coaches) flooded Sports Camp in search of famous pirate treasure. Stations were set up all over the sports field for the swashbuckling pirates to plunder! I saw several pirates mutiny and revolt against their Captains(some even made them walk the plank).

After a fun theme DAY, campers headed to the pools to cool off. The cabins of Driftwood, Santa Fe, Sterling City, Muleshoe & Three Rivers however headed to the ropes course. Campers bravely went off the Bushwacker, Zipline, Screamer & Leap of Faith. 

After dinner, campers had FREE TIME to play some games on the SPORTS FIELD or hang out with their coaches!!

Tonight was also the night of the Gospel presentation. Campers were able to watch a presentation and live-action viewing of the Gospel including Jesus’ death and resurrection. After, everyone  headed to the sports field for stargazing. Star-gazing is a one-on-one time between campers and coaches where coaches can share the gospel with each individual camper. They then have the chance to pray over their campers. It is such a unique and inspirational night here at T Bar M Sports Camp.

We had a GREAT time today with your campers and are so blessed to spend it with them. Tomorrow LOC’s(Leaders of Camp) head out to TSR(Texas Ski Ranch) and our theme night is always a T Bar M favorite: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE!!