Hello parents! It is our first full day here at sports camp Session ten and we are so FUAGNEM to have your campers here with us!! Our week looks great!  Tonight is picture night and afterwards we will make a splash at the Pool Palooza theme night. Tomorrow night, we will switch up our theme nights and enjoy a T Bar M favorite: MISSION IMPOSSIBLE! Wednesday we will enjoy stargazing out on the sports field after a super cool gospel presentation done by our leadership team. Thursday LOC’s (Leaders of Camp) head out to TSR (Texas Ski Ranch) as part of the LOCprogram & Jedi’s(campers) will take on the great mission of saving TBarM from the evil sith lords.. Last but not least, it all comes down to Friday night! That’s right, the Alphas and Omegas face off in one final clash that is sure to be exciting in a winner-takes –all contest!

After flag, cabin clean up and breakfast campers spread out all over camp for Batter’s Box. This morning in Batter’s Box, campers dove into Luke 19 where they read about Zacchaeus. Some people, are tough ones to love. Jesus could have easily kept walking or given a simple hello. Instead he chose to go above and beyond by showing incredible kindness, even to the point of sharing a meal with a man who caused most people to roll their eyes. Think about who is the “Zacchaeus” in your life. Reach out to them with the love that only comes from above.

Final Score: He is Kind! In Him we are kind!

Our morning started out with a little rain but it wasn’t long before the sun was back out and our campers could enjoy a FANTASTIC day! After Batters Box, your campers headed out to specialty time where they worked on various techniques with their coaches. GCD spent time planning a SUPER COOL dance routine which will be performed on Saturday. Football, Soccer, Aquatics, Tennis & Baseball held *Competetions*( Competetion Competetion Competetion) for their campers. Golf headed out to Landa park where they worked on the driving range while ODS headed to the ODS woods for some good old-fashioned orienteering.

After a good YELLOW MEAL in the Chuckwagon, it was time for F.O.B. (Feet on bunk, flat on back) it has many names here but it all comes down to one thing: Rest!!

Campers then headed to the sports field for SPORTS CHALLENGE!!! It was the FIERCE ALPHAS vs. the BRAVE OMEGAS & in the end…ALPHAS WON!!!

Next it was off to CABIN X & ROPES! Cabins ODB, Hickory Creek, Mustang Ridge, Rising Star & Buffalo Gap (together they make the PENTAGON!) tackled the ropes course including the Zipline, Bushwacker, Grapevine, Leap of Faith and the aptly named Screamer! Other cabins played games with their coaches or had fun at activities and sports such as nail painting, arts and crafts, 9-square, basketball, volleyball, the inflatable water slides and warball.

*SPLASH!!!* Tonight we hosted the Pool Palooza theme night, a time tested tradition here at T Bar M. Campers and coaches alike were dressed up in floaties, grass skirts, flower leis, goggles…pretty much any type of water gear! It was then off to the blob! Campers had a blast blobing, swimming, and having fun with their coaches!!!!

After theme night it was time for Team Meeting and a time of worship. Campers had huddle on the sports field where they were able to talk about their Batter’s Box material while eating delicious brownies made by our kitchen crew!

It was a GREAT day here @ Sports Camp and we can’t wait for tomorrow!!