Hey y’all! It is day two here at sports camp and we had a CAMPTASTIC DAY!! After flag, cabin cleanup & breakfast campers headed to Batters Box time with their coaches.

Campers read about the parable of the lost son in Luke 15. Have you ever seen a football player running into the end zone who points to the sky and gives the glory to God? He is taking the focus off of himself. That is exactly what God wants us to do! Just like the older son, we can learn that bragging and jealousy don’t show God’s love. If you’re going to measure yourself against someone, let it be the One above. Jesus is the one we should strive to be like. Remember, its all about Him!

FINAL SCORE of the day: He doesn’t brag! In Him we shouldn’t brag!

Today during specialty time aquatics, soccer & baseball performed to the max in their speed and agility tests. Basketball, football, volleyball, baseball and tennis drilled on foundation techniques (boy do those kids sure get a workout!!) ODS split into groups having fun at archery, fishing, and the rifle range. GCD did FANTASTIC in their routines this morning!

After lunch, boys headed to MAC (Men After Christ!) for some gentleman lessons, while the girls headed to WOG (Women of God!) and learned about their inner beauty, lead by the T Bar M leadership team.

After a relaxing F.O.B. it was time for Sports Challenge, Cabin X & Ropes. Cabins Eagle Pass, Painted Rock, Sundown & Rosebud braved the challenging ropes course this afternoon. Other cabins played games around camp, tested out the waterslides and even got to swim in the BIG SPRINGS!

THE CAMPERS STRIKE BACK!!! Tonight campers fired up their lightsabers and laser guns in an EPIC battle even George Lucas could not predict. I saw many Ray’s & Darth Vaders dueling on the Sports Field tonight.

After theme night we headed to Team Meeting. A few coaches did some silly skits, campers were lead in worship and an inspiring message was brought by T Bar M Leadership.

We are FUAGNEM for WACKY WEDNESDAY & are so thankful for this week with your campers!