I love the start to a new year because it provides a natural “blank slate.”  It provides an opportunity for you to reflect (last month’s devo) as well as an opportunity to look ahead or “start over.”

The tradition of making New Year’s resolutions has been around for a while.  Many of you have participated in this tradition and will do so again this year.  There are lists upon lists of resolutions you can choose from on the internet in case you haven’t picked any out.  The majority of our culture will choose some type of resolution that will enhance their life.  Maybe that looks like getting organized, losing weight, eating healthier foods, getting more sleep, etc.  All of these things are great but they still come up short on meeting our greatest need.

I want to encourage you from Matthew 6:33 – “Seek first…His Kingdom…and…His righteousness.” 

Most of you have several more days of break before you head back to school for another semester.  I want to encourage you to use the time you have to think on and plan for this next semester.  What are some specific ways that you are going to “Seek first His Kingdom” this next semester?

Did you know that about only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions actually achieve them?  I’m not good at numbers but that is not a very good success rate. 

I was given some advice a couple years ago that I want to pass on to you.  “Schedule your priorities, don’t prioritize your schedule.”  What does this mean? 

It means that before you get back to school and before you start filling up your calendar with all of your social events, homework, etc. schedule your priorities.  As you think through how you are going to “Seek first His Kingdom” this semester, write those on your schedule before anything else.  If you are going to read your Bible twice a week, schedule those times now so that when you get back to school and other things come up, your priorities don’t get pushed to the side for something else.

My assumption is that the 8% of people who achieve their resolutions do so because they prioritize and schedule time for them.  The other 92% probably just assume that they’ll make time for it but actually never do. 

Take time in the next couple of days to make a short list of ways that you WILL “Seek first His Kingdom” this next semester (example: Read my Bible).  Once you have that list, make a more specific list of tangible things you are going to do in order to accomplish these things (example: Read 1 Psalm each day).  Once you have your list of tangibles, get your calendar out right now and write them down (example:  Mon. @ 1pm – Read Psalm 1/ Tues. @ 3pm – Read Psalm 2/ and so on).

As you begin this New Year and this new semester, “Seek first His Kingdom and His Righteousness.”  In order to help you do this consistently, begin the practice of scheduling your priorities and sticking to them.

Enjoy the rest of your break!  Happy resolutions everyone!