Camp Travis
Theme Nights

What adventures await your camper this year? Check out our list of themes below. And don’t forget to view the Parent-to-Parent guide at the end!


Special Ops

Elite soldiers are always on guard and ready for the next mission. BE READY! It’s difficult to predict when and where, but we believe an attack is imminent. YOU and your unit could be asked to respond! Although the tasks at hand might be challenging, we’re confident you have what it takes to do the job! We’ll brief you on the details when you get here.

What to wear: camo, dark clothing, face paint, bandanas, headlamp, athletic shoes. Don’t let the enemy see you coming!


Picture Night

SMILE! You’re on camera. And we don’t mean a security camera. We mean a photographer will be taking your picture this night.
What to wear: Bright-color T-shirts (no whites or grays) and no headwear (we want to see your beautiful faces!)



Travis Extreme Challenge

The Travis Adventure Race series continues and this summer it’s called the TEC. Each four-person team will be connected by a 20-foot PVC pipe while they swim, canoe, run and strive to conquer a variety of other extreme elements… blood, sweat and tears will yet again be worth it as your foursome crosses the finish line in a blaze or belly flop!

What to wear: Race attire (be ready to get wet and muddy)



Alpha/Omega Basic Training Competition

The competition is so intense it will take 2 days to settle the score. Each competition will include an exercise unique to one of the five military branches. We hope this training prepares you for the challenges to come!

What to wear: Alphas wear Red. Omegas wear Blue. Swim suits are encouraged! (The Navy and Coast Guard are known to get wet)


Boot Scoot

Seasoned in 21 years of tradition, this night is still a fan favorite. I mean who doesn’t like a good old fashion country western style dance with a few pop classics mixed in just for kicks?

What to wear: Cobwoy hats, boots, jeans, (jorts if you’re worried about the heat), Mexican dresses, and most importantly, a heart ready to dance the night away.


Friday Night Lights

When you are old you will look back on this night and ask yourself, “Did I give everything I had for my team to win the ruckus party?”

(Maybe not, but this is a really epic competition where you can win candy, which is really cool because we don’t typically give candy out at camp.)

What to wear: Alphas wear Red. Omegas wear Blue. It’s just how it is!

A Parent to Parent Guide

Alright parents … let’s talk realistically about theme night costumes … parent-to-parent. As a former Coach and Theme Night Coordinator and now scatterbrained mom of campers, I can talk to you from a few vantage points.
First… let’s recognize that we all fall into one of three categories:

1. The “Oh YEAH” Mom!

The mom that cannot wait for the theme day reveals. You are born to create costumes and it actually breaths life into you. We LOVE YOU. We are grateful that you exist.  You inspire us. You most likely won’t need to read the below “helpful tips”. In fact, if you have more tips to share … email me ([email protected]) … we will add them!

2. The “Oh… Kay” Mom.

These moms fall somewhere between, “hmmm, I wonder where to start” to completely paralyzed. You want to think about it. You just need a little guidance. We’ve got ya covered. Check out the helpful tips below. And hey, send us what you discover, we know you can teach us a lot too!

3. The “OHHKay” Mom!

You have realized that camp is tomorrow and you probably ought to pack. First, congratulations, you found the theme night list… now lets’ get rolling.  (psst… don’t worry, you are in good company. we promise.)  With a little trip to WalMart, Hobby Lobby or the grocery store… you SO have this!

Now… be proud of who you are and soak in these:


Top Ten Helps for Theme Night Packing

10. You have invested GREATLY in your kiddo by sending them to camp.  You have invested your time, your thoughtfulness and your finances.  Don’t let theme night gear put you over the edge in any of those areas.

9.  The variety is HUGE! There are absolutely ZERO expectations in your camper and their theme night costumes from your camp family. Some will come all decked out and some will wear the clothes they have had on all day.  We love most that your camper is at camp… no matter what they have on! Your camper will have a blast at theme night and waste no fun as they step into these evening adventures.  Go with what your camper and your pocket book are comfortable with.

8.  Simple is good. Remember, they will have these on for about an hour. And it will be a hot hour. Keep it simple.

7.  Ask your kiddo. Once upon a time, when I only had two campers, I packed really really great costumes for them. Upon opening one camper’s trunk, I discovered all costumes still in the nicely labeled bag… unused. She didn’t want to wear a costume. Hmmm. I now ask my kiddos what they would like to wear for theme nights.

6.  Go to Pinterest. I think a camp counselor turned mom created this site. Search for DIY Disney Costumes or DIY Circus costumes. The variety is great and allows you to choose what you wish to attempt.

5.  Amazon. Oh, sweet Amazon. Simply put in the theme night name and wala! A variety of prices, shapes and sizes appear. Be wary of typing in “adult theme costumes” … they are not camp approved.  Phew.

4.  Hobby Lobby or your local market party aisle. Seriously simple. Get the latest throw away mask, hat or prop. Just a small item that can allow your camper to have a little something to have for the picture or to feel festive.

3.  T-shirts. I believe a T-shirt for ANYTHING can be found these days. For the camper that doesn’t want to dress up silly, but wants to show some spirit, grab a preprinted T-shirt from Wal-Mart, Target and so many other places… Ya know, like Amazon.

2. Camp Care Packages. There will be Mission Impossible and Alpha/Omega Care Packages offered. You can purchase on line or opening day and they will be delivered to your camper’s coach and cabin.

1.  Don’t Waste Fun. It’s our number one rule. The foof and poof of costumes isn’t what makes camp fun… it is the relationships. The time they will spend with their cabin mates and coaches will make theme nights and every other part of camp like one big party!

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