Family Camp
Theme Nights

What adventures await your family this year? Check out our list of themes below.

Night 1

Alpha Omega Challenge

The competition never ends, and we don’t want it to! Omegas took the 2018 summer and plan to defend the title… but the red-hot Alphas are looking for a comeback. First night here … red vs. blue, be there!

What to wear: Alphas wear Red. Omegas wear Blue. It’s just how it is! Don’t know which team you are on? Bring white and be prepared for the adventure!

Night 2

Tahiti Tiki

We thought our peaceful summer vacation to Squirrel Island was going to be a breeze…until we found out our boat back home has been destroyed by storm and another one is coming on the horizon! Now every family must work together in order for all of us to get back home. Can we do it before it’s too late?

What to wear: Hawaiian flower print, grass skirt, tank top, bucket hat, sunglasses, cruise ship uniform

Night 3

Dancing through the Decades

Are you the dancing queen in your family? Do you want to rock & roll all night? Bring on your bell bottoms/afros or your high tops/flannels because it’s time to get down!

What to wear: your favorite style for your favorite decade!

Night 4

Mission Impossible

We’ve discovered that there is a mole in the CMF (Camp Mission Force) and we need YOU to help us figure out who it is! We are calling all of our undercover agents back to HQ for briefing and assignments. Will you answer the call?

What to wear: something stealthy like dark colors, camouflage, headlamp, shoes for on the run

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