Families don’t give up meeting together, and neither do we. And besides, nine months is far too long to be away from home, camp home that is.

For our college staff, sharing a summer at camp is an unforgettable experience where authentic relationships form and remain. So, every New Years, we give them a chance to come on home for the holiday, and one by one, they come in droves!  With a different look in their eye, pep in their step and even having lost their summer glow, joy abounds all the more as bunks are claimed and hugs are exchanged.

Staff Reunion is a sweet place to be. We reunite and reminisce and remember. We look in awe at one another and are not the same as we were when we came together in May. We wonder how it happened… the unity and harmony and indescribable bliss of being together again.

Could it have been the endless hours of firing up one another’s FUAGNEM in the Texas heat?


Or the raspy-voiced, sleep-deprived prayers spoken together before dawn?

Perhaps, it’s a combination of it all; the caring for homesick campers, and singing at the top of our lungs, and sharing the gospel, and keeping up with socks and water bottles, and coming to the end of ourselves, and learning to lean on one another and even more, point to, trust in, depend on, and run with all we have after Jesus.

Or was it when summer ended and school started and real life happened, and we reminded each other of what God did this summer, pushing through together to cling to Him? Whenever it happened, or whatever it was… being back in this place called home, and with these people called family is OH. SO. GOOD.

So, we hoot and holler, compete and farkle, and dance it out to the past summer’s theme song. We share meals, worship together and are reminded of Truth. 

And true to tradition, on New Years Eve, we’re ALL IN at the T Bar Mellagio. 

Prizes are won, hands are dealt and at the end of the night, a few lucky directors get thrown in the pool.

We can assure you that though there is a bite in the air, leaves on the ground and no campers to be found, Camp is still its glorious self. Ruckus cakes are devoured, games are played, relationships still happen and there is absolutely NO. FUN. WASTED. 

And at the end of it all, with weary eyes and full hearts, we go back out into the world, to be light in darkness, and wish everyone well… well, until summer of course!