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Camp Travis Packing List and Themes

  • Sheets and one light sleeping bag or blanket
  • Three or four towels, two washcloths
  • Four or five shorts
  • Seven or eight t-shirts Tank tops must appropriately cover undergarments
  • Eight-ten pairs of underwear
  • Laundry bag with camper's name in BIG letters
  • Two modest swimsuits Gals: one-peice only with shorts
  • One pair of lake shoes
  • Eight-ten pairs of underwear
  • Two pair of pajamas
  • Eight-ten pair of socks
  • Pool footwear Sandals, flip flops, etc.
  • Theme costumes (optional)
  • One pair indoor/outdoor athletic shoes (non-marking type)
  • One flashlight
  • Small personal fan(w/ 6' extension chord if a plugin)
  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Bible
  • Paper/Notebook and pen
  • Self addressed stamped envelopes (to send mail at camp)
  • One pillow and one pillow case
  • Girls Only - 1 white article of clothing for Tie Dye activity. (shirt, socks, bandana, etc.) *Only 1 item allowed/needed for activity.

This is only a suggested list - you are the final authority

Trunk, Suitcase or Duffel Bag? All three options are good!  If you pack in a trunk or hard-sided suitcase, make sure it is no taller than 16" so it can fit under bunk. 
Helpful Hint:  Your empty laundry bag makes a great space to pack your bedding and pillow and frees up space to pack everything else in your trunk/suitcase/duffel bag.

2017 Theme Nights

We encourage campers to dress up for each theme, however, it is not necessary for them to enjoy the experience. Below are recommendations of what to wear for each theme. 

T Bar M's Magic Kingdom (Monday)

Be our guest, be our guest. Put our service to the test. Come and join us at Camp Travis. And we provide the rest. Soup de Rio, games de circle. Why we only live to serve. Try the rolls, they're delicious. Don't believe me, ask the staff. Join us as we have a Disney themed party. We will have dinner and play games inspired by some classic Disney and Pixar films.

What to wear: dress as your favorite Disney or Pixar character

Picture Day (Tuesday)

1. 2. 3. Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese ........... Mona Lisa has that soft smile down pat, but we will be looking for some bigger smiles.

What to wear: bright color t-shirts (no whites or grays) and no headgear, helmets or hats please


Iron Adventure Race (Wednesday - Morning)

The tradition continues, with a twist. Wednesday is race day and this year we will have our first ever individual adventure race at Camp Travis. There will be cargo nets, balance beams, spear throwing and so much more. It may be tough, but can you and your cabinmates conquer the obstacles and finish the Iron Adventure Race?

What to wear: Race attire (be ready to get wet and dirty)

Alpha/Omega Gladiators (Wednesday - Night)

Victory on Friday night doesn't come easy and it starts here. Which team will be able to overcome the mighty gladiators and score some early points on the road to the Ruckus Party. Something tells me Lava and Titanium will have something to say about it.

What to wear: Alpha or Omega gear (red or blue)

Boot Scoot (Thursday)

Country Music - check
Rope Lights - absolutely
Hay Bales - yep
Water Melon - oh you better believe it
Dancers - that's you!

What to wear: cowboy hats, boots, jeans, pearl snap shirts, or Mexican dresses.

Friday Night Lights (Friday)

The passion all comes to a head on this night. 2 teams compete. 5 games played. 1 ruckus party won.

What to wear: Alpha or Omega gear (red or blue)


Medication Requirements

All medications of any kind must follow our medication policy. Any medication brought to camp that does not follow our guidelines will not be accepted. You are accountable to know and follow these guidelines. Click Here to Read our Medication Policy

Label Everything

It is much easier to locate the owner with everything either labeled or tagged with your camper's name. Doing this would be greatly appreciated.

Things To Leave At Home

Cellphone, PSP, ipods/ipads, jewelry, makeup, magazines, candy, gum, alcohol, and tobacco. No expensive cameras!
(Parents, this includes any care packages you might send to your camper during camp).

Do not bring cash to camp - you can put money in store account for store purchases.
Do not bring common meds like Aspirin and Tylenol - we have some we'll share.

Please Note: Any of the above items found at check in or during camp will be taken up and all non-food items will be returned at departure time.

Lost And Found

Lost and Found items are held for two weeks. Check your camper's bag before leaving camp.