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Sports Camp Opening & Closing

Opening Day

Expect a lot of energy when you arrive Sunday afternoon starting at 1:45pm.  You will be welcomed on the new perimeter road with a parking crew pointing the way.

Once you drive under the new gate, you will be greeted by our staff who will let you know what cabin your camper(s) are in, how we will take the luggage and where you should park.

Once parked, you will be instructed to head to the big gym.  There will be three special stations along the way.  If any of these stations apply, please stop by on your way in ... you won't be able to miss them!

  • First-time Campers (get your green beads)
  • LOCs (Leaders of Camp - campers who have completed 6th grade)
  • Tour de Camps (for parents with teens going to Camp Travis)

Early Arrivals (before 2:00pm): You are welcome to check out the Camp Store (it's air-conditioned!).

Pre-Opening Activities (2:00-2:30pm): Located in the Indoor Courts where you will have access to the Camp NurseMail Drop-Off (remember, all mail must fit into a 10x13 envelope...no boxes) and Sports Specialty staff.  If you have any other questions, please look for the Information Booth where they will be happy to help.  

Camp Opens (2:30pm): Campers and their families will be directed to the Sports Field where they will meet their Coach and new cabin mates.  Everyone will proceed to their cabins as a group. Moms and Dads are welcome to help get their campers settled into their cabin at that time.

Parents traveling to Camp Travis:  Our staff at the Tour de Camps booth will give you information regarding your travel plans to Camp Travis.  Plan on leaving Sports Camp around 3:15ish.  Camp Travis is one hour and 20 minutes down the road and the drop-off time is between 4:00 - 5:15pm.  Please note, unlike Sports Camp, Camp Travis drop-off is more like an actual drop-off, hug and go event.  This is more suited for your teen. :-) 

Closing Day

Before 8:20am - Arrive at Camp (you don't want to be late for the 8:30am events!): A parking crew will be there to point you in the right direction.  Don't worry about the luggage ... we have a team that will help you load it later.   Just come on in and get ready to be reunited with your camper.  You will be directed to The Sanctuary where coffee and muffins await. If you need a restroom break, stop by the Sports Center before heading back to The Sanctuary ... the big log structure at the side of the Sports Field.

8:30am: Instruction from our Camp Directors followed by the big reunion you've been waiting for all week!

8:45am - Cabin Huddle: This is the time when Coaches and campers relive the week's adventure! 
* this is also when MEDICATIONS are returned to parents 

Parents traveling to Camp Travis: Plan on leaving after Cabin Huddle.  You will have plenty of time if you leave camp around 9:20am. You will find the Tour de Camps booth out at the parking lot by your luggage.  They have goodies for your road trip and will help get your camper's luggage loaded in the car.  Your camper will be waiting for you at 10:50am.

9:30am - Team Meeting: Come and experience Team Meeting ... it's your camper's last time to gather in this special place we call The Sanctuary.  Theme song, skit, session video and a little encouragement as you head back home.  We should have you out of there by 10:10!

LUGGAGE:  Your luggage will be waiting for you on the main path close to where you parked your car.  There will be a luggage crew waiting to help you load your car and help you on your way.


Some parents may want to come early on Friday night or perhaps stay the weekend in our hotel. Make sure you ask for our camp families specials!

Call now to reserve your spot at 1-800-292-5469.