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Sports Camp GCD

Your girls will experience a broad spectrum of training in the arenas of Gymnastics, Cheerleading, and Dance.  

The GCD Specialty is open to girls only at T Bar M Camps. No prior dance experience needed.  The coaching will be specific to the age and skill level of your child.  The following skills are taught in a fun and active environment:

  • Floor Exercises
  • Technique
  • Timing
  • Voice
  • Sportsmanship

Our covered sanctuary is where the action takes place in the GCD Specialty.  The GCD sanctuary has padded floors, a fan to keep your kiddos cool, and water stations close by.  We know exercise and hydration go hand in hand and we take hydration seriously here at T Bar M Camps.  Each child is given their very own personalized water bottle and goes with them to the GCD field.

Our college-aged staff come from universities around Texas and the surrounding states.  Many of our staff have coaching experience at all levels of gym cheer and dance.  Our staff pass detailed background checks and are highly trained to work with your children.   Our counselors know the importance of building confidence in your child's ability while also teaching them to enjoy gym, cheer ,and dance.  Our staff is not only there to increase your child's GCD skills and knowledge, but also to teach the importance of character and teamwork.

GCD is a great way to make new friends, improve technique and learn the art of sportsmanship.  Each child is given a booklet to take home to remind them what they accomplished!  We call this booklet their "Sports Journal".  Your child will write in their Sports Journals each day.  The Journal will include:

  • Goals they have set
  • Notes on GCD instruction
  • Their favorite GCD drills and games
  • An individual skill evaluation from their coach
  • A written note of encouragement from their coach

The GCD Specialty requires no extra clothing or equipment. 

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