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Sports Camp Packing List and Themes

  • Four or five shorts
  • Seven or eight t-shirts Tank tops must appropriately cover undergarments
  • Sheets and one light sleeping bag or blanket
  • Three or four towels, two washcloths
  • Laundry bag with camper's name in BIG letters
  • Two modest swimsuits One-piece only for gals
  • Eight-ten pairs of underwear
  • Two pair of pajamas
  • Eight-ten pair of socks
  • Pool footwear Sandals, flip flops, etc.
  • Theme costumes (optional)
  • One pair indoor/outdoor athletic shoes (non-marking type)
  • One flashlight
  • Toiletries
  • Sunscreen
  • Bible
  • Paper/Notebook and pen
  • Self addressed stamped envelopes (to send mail at camp)
  • One pillow and one pillow case

This is only a suggested list - you are the final authority

Trunk, Suitcase or Duffel Bag? All three options are good!  If you pack in a trunk or hard-sided suitcase, make sure it is no taller than 16" so it can fit under bunk. 
Helpful Hint: One tried and true way to help your camper out with their clothes is to pack each day's outfit in an individual zipper bag! Also, your empty laundry bag makes a great space to pack your bedding and pillow and frees up space to pack everything else in your trunk/suitcase/duffel bag.

Additional equipment for Specialties: We provide all basic equipment needed to perform in your selected Specialty; however, you are welcome to bring your own equipment if you so desire.  Be sure to LABEL everything!! Specialties that may want to bring their own equipment are ...

  • Aquatics - Goggles
  • Baseball -  Glove, cleats, bat, hat, helment ... no baseballs please.
  • Basketball - Court shoes ... no basketballs please.
  • Football -  Cleats only ... no footballs or pads please.
  • Golf - Clubs, golf shoes
  • Soccer - Cleats, shin guards preferred ... no soccer balls please.
  • Tennis - Court shoes, racket
  • Volleyball - Gym shoes, knee pads ... no volleyballs please.

2017 Theme Nights

We encourage campers to dress up for each theme, however, it is not necessary for them to enjoy the experience. Below are recommendations of what to wear for each theme. 

T Barnum and Bailey's Traveling Circus (Monday)

Come one, come all, and join the greatest show on earth. It's the T Barnum and Bailey's Traveling Circus, and they're stopping here on Monday night! Learn to tight rope with high flying acrobats, tame lions and tigers (and bears... oh my!), and witness the world's strongest man wrestling a giant squirrel.

Costume Ideas: dress like a clown, lion tamer (with those sweet tall boots and a whip), acrobats, strong men, and of course a top hat and red coat (we may even make you the ring-leader)!

T Bar Mazing Race (Tuesday)

For all you world traveler's out there, this is your Theme Night! Cabin's will be traveling the Camp globe from end to end, passing through road blocks, detours, and checkpoint challenges, all with the hopes of being the first Cabin to win the T Bar Mazing Race. Get your passport ready!

Costume Ideas: dress in gear for your country of choice (Brazil, Japan, Australia, and many more!). It's a race, so come ready to run!

Catch the Wave - pool party (Wednesday)

Wednesday afternoon: It's all sun and games this Wednesday afternoon as we beat the heat with a party in the pool. Come Catch the Wave with the rest of Camp as we do our best west coast California surfer bro impressions.

Costume Ideas: your swim suit of course! Sunglasses, flat bill hats, bucket hats, board shorts, surf shirts, tank tops

Mission Impossible: Code Red (Thursday)

Calling all Cabins. There is a LARGE threat on the horizon, and a briefing has been scheduled this Thursday night at headquarters. Agents have never seen a breach like this before, so come ready to defend your Camp.

Costume Ideas:  you're an agent, so dark clothes and even camo. Don't forget your tactical gear.

Alpha/Omega: It All Comes Down to Friday Night (Friday)

A tradition like no other, we'll be competing all week long as Alpha's and Omega's for the pride of our teams, but It All Comes Down to Friday Night! It's Red vs. Blue.

Costume Ideas: Wear red if you're an Alpha or blue if you're an Omega!

Medication Requirements

All medications of any kind must follow our medication policy. Any medication brought to camp that does not follow our guidelines will not be accepted. You are accountable to know and follow these guidelines. Click Here to Read our Medication Policy

Label Everything

It is much easier to locate the owner with everything either labeled or tagged with your camper's name. Doing this would be greatly appreciated.

Things To Leave At Home

Cellphone, PSP, ipods/ipads, jewelry, makeup (outside of theme nights), magazines/non-Christian books, candy, gum, alcohol, and tobacco. No expensive cameras!
(Parents, this includes any care packages you might send to your camper during camp).

Do not bring cash to camp - you can put money in store account for store purchases.
Do not bring common meds like Aspirin and Tylenol - we have some we'll share.

Please Note: Any of the above items found at check in or during camp will be taken up and all non-food items will be returned at departure time.

Lost And Found

Lost and Found items are held for two weeks. Check your camper's bag before leaving camp.
We won't be able to send back towels, undergarments and items valued under $10. Please call the camp office if you left something behind. Remember to take home your camper's laundry bag, this is the #1 item left at camp!