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Sports Camp Soccer

"GOOOOOOAAAALLLLL!" is what your child will be saying after a week in the Soccer Specialty.

Both boys and girls can enroll in the Soccer Specialty.   Your child will be grouped by age and/or skill level.  All kids join in footwork drills to improve their balance and quickness on the field.  Other skills covered include: 

  •  Shooting
  •  Dribbling
  •  Passing
  •  Defense
  •  Sportsmanship

Our sports field is home to the Soccer Specialty.  The Sports Field has full sized goals, fresh grass and water stations all around. We know exercise and hydration go hand in hand and we take hydration seriously here at T Bar M Camps.  Each child is given their very own personalized water bottle and water stations are located all throughout camp.

Our soccer instructors come from colleges around Texas and the surrounding states.  Many of our instructors play basketball in college and model Christian values on their teams.  Our counselors pass detailed background checks and are highly trained to work with your children.  Our counselors not only teach soccer skills, but also the importance of good sportsmanship.  On and off the field your child will learn, explore and grow in an encouraging, fun and safe environment.

Want to know what your child learned in Soccer?  No problem!  Each child is given a booklet to take home to remind them what they accomplished!  We call this booklet their "Sports Journal".  Your child will write in their Sports Journals each day.  The Journal will include:

  • Goals they have set
  • Notes on the basics of soccer
  • Their favorite soccer drills
  • An individual skill evaluation from their coach
  • A written note of encouragement from their coach

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