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D-BAT & The Rutledge Family

D-Bat and The Rutledge Family

The Rutledge family opened New Braunfel's D-BAT facility in 2017 and it has quickly become the top indoor baseball and softball training center in the area. With 21,000 square feet of stae-of-the-art indoor baseball facilities plus 12,000 square feet of outdoor space, campers are sure to have an ultimate baseball experience. D-BAT actually stands for Developing Beliefs, Attitudes, and Traditions. Their philosophy of training is a perfect match with T Bar M's Christ-centered Adventure.

Clint Rutledge, owner of D-BAT, will be working in the "classroom" with all our ultimate baseball campers. Clint, son of D.W. Rutledge, a legend among Coaches, captured the coaching philosophy that made his dad one of the most successful coaches in Texas high school history in a book called, The ClassroomLessons on Life and Leadership from a Texas High School Football Dynasty.  Coach Rutledge credits his team's success from what was taught in the classroom first. Skills taught on the field came second. Clint has taken this same philosophy to coaching young men and women into what he calls the three-dimensional-athlete. Clint will be highly involved in T Bar M's Ultimate Baseball Camp teaching the principles of the three-dimensional-athlete.

T Bar M is thrilled to partner with D-BAT and the Rutledge family this summer.