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Baseball Camp Opening & Closing

Opening Day

Early Arrivals (1:45pm): Although not necessary, families are welcome to arrive early to Ultimate Baseball Camp at T Bar M. Early arrivals will only have access to the camp store.

Pre-Opening Activities (2:00-2:30pm): Access to registrars and nurses ... this is your chance to drop off meds and mail (Remember, all mail must fit into a 10x13 envelope...no boxes), and check with registrars with any questions or unfinished business. The nurse and registrars will be available throughout the entire Opening Ceremonies ... this just gives you a chance to get business done a little early.

Camp Opens (2:30pm): Campers and their families will join the official camp start with activities around the Sports Field ... you may feel like you're at an Olympic parade as cabin flags are marched around the field! This will be your opportunity to meet your Coaches (counselors) and new cabin mates. After these activities everyone will proceed to their cabins as a group. Moms and Dads are welcome to help get their campers settled into their cabin at that time.

Ultimate Baseball Camp Breakout Opens (2:40pm): This will be your opportunity to meet and talk with Micah Bowie, as well as the Coaches (counselors) who will be investing in your child during the week. Moms and Dads are welcome to help get their campers settled into their cabin at that time.

Closing Day

Arrive at Camp (before 8:30am): Load your camper's luggage and park. Get ready to greet your camper!

Come to the Sanctuary for coffee and muffins (8:30am): Enjoy a drink and quick snack.

Head to Sports Field to reunite with your Camper (8:45am): Find your camper's cabin flag, hug your camper and chat with their coaches.

Head to Cabin (9:00am): Head to your camper's cabin, and hear from the coaches about the week.

Team Meeting (9:20am): Everyone will get a chance to end their morning at the Sanctuary where will we praise God and watch the highly anticipated session video!

Ultimate Baseball Camp Breakout (10:10am): We will gather to watch the UBC slideshow and have a chance to say goodbye!


Some parents may want to come early on Friday night or perhaps stay the weekend in our hotel. Make sure you ask for our camp families specials!

Call now to reserve your spot at 1-800-292-5469. You can find more information about our hotel and conference center by visiting www.tbarm.com.

Flight & Shuttle Information

We offer San Antonio Airport Shuttles for campers flying. You may reserve a spot on a San Antonio Airport Shuttle by selecting your registration under My Account.

Flight arrivals should be between 10am-Noon opening day.

Flight departures should be between 10am-Noon closing day.

Shuttle fee is $20.