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Josh Davis

In 1996 Josh Davis made history by becoming the only man in any sport from any nation at the Atlanta Olympic Games to win 3 gold medals. With a passion for representing our country, Josh returned to the Olympics in Sydney in 2000 where he was elected Captain of the USA Men's swim Team. He went on to break the American record three times in his event the 200 meter free-style and won two silver medals at the 2000 Sydney Games. After 2 Olympics and 5 medals, Josh has established himself as ambassador for the sport of swimming and is pioneering the road for the next generation of professional swimmers.

"I had a dream of a camp combining the best of outdoor summer fun, with top-notch swimming instruction and character development through Christian discipleship. Now, thanks to our partnership with T Bar M Camps & Retreats along with their amazing staff, we have finally combined all three into one ULTIMATE SWIM CAMP!

I am blessed to have worked with the top college and Olympic coaches and athletes for 30 years now, and I love to share what I've learned with the next generation of champions. This is the goal, to build not only great swimmers but great people. A real champion develops themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. It is possible to be really tough, have fun and serve others. This is one of the only camps in the world equipping swimmers to do that." - Josh Davis


  • Three Gold and Two Silver Olympic Medals
  • American and World Record Holder
  • University of Texas Hall of Honor
  • San Antonio Sports Hall of Fame
  • Semi-Finalist in John Wooden Award
  • Flag barrier for The United States Delegation in 1995
  • Olympic Flag-bearer
  • Co-Captain of The United States Olympic Swim Team