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Discover252 Packing List and Themes

  • Water bottle
  • Lunch Snack will be provided in the afternoon
  • Athletic shoes
  • Towel
  • Pen or Pencil
  • One modest swimsuit One-piece only for gals
  • Water footwear Sandals, flip flops (something that can get wet)
  • Sunscreen Apply some in the morning as well
  • Bible Pack in a ziploc bag to keep dry from wet swimsuit & towel


Bring Your Own Lunch

Pack up something tasty and filling to help your camper refuel half way through the day. We want to be sensitive to all of our camper's allergies so please only pack food for your camper. We will provide a snack in the afternoon and plenty of water throughout the day to ensure that your child is hydrated and full of energy.

Medication Requirements

All medications of any kind must follow our medication policy. Any medication brought to camp that does not follow our guidelines will not be accepted. You are accountable to know and follow these guidelines. Click Here to Read our Medication Policy

Label Everything

During the chaos of camp, things have a tendency of getting left behind at activities or in the bathrooms during changing time. It is much easier to locate the owner with everything labeled with your camper's name. Please help us help you by labeling all your child's belongings before they come to camp.

Things To Leave At Home

Cellphones, tablets, music players, toys, candy, gum, money. In addition, please do not send important notes in your camper's bag. We will likely never see them. Either speak to someone at the registration table about important daily information and details concerning your camper or contact the Discover252 Director.