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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Staff?more

Some camps call them counselors, but at T Bar M, we call them Coaches. These college students are widely recruited and prayerfully selected through an intense application and interview process. Once hired, our coaches participate in extensive training to prepare them to fulfill, with excellence, the many roles they shoulder for the safety and best interest of your camper. Because our coaches are constantly pouring into campers, we have a grid of support to make sure they stay full as well.

How is camp kept Safe?more

With high adventure activities, we prioritize the highest level of safety. From pools and lake front to our high ropes course, our staff is extensively trained and certified in each activity and area of operation. We have a registered nurse and medical staff on each of our properties 24/7 who are prepared to meet any health needs of campers. We also are thoughtful to guarantee that camper's intake of food and water satisfies the nutrition needed for the high exertion of camp's activities. In addition to all this, our child protection plan is thorough to ensure that camp continues to be one of the safest environments for youth to thrive.

To hear about camp safety from our staff, click here

Why is it called Christ-Centered Adventure?more

This mission of T Bar M Camps is to present Jesus Christ, teach His ways, and represent Him through an exciting, enthusiastic and encouraging camp and retreat experience.

Camp surely is an adventure, and with each summer that passes, we find ourselves more committed than ever to the power of play, the value of sports and the healing benefits of nature, all for the sake of sharing the good news of Jesus Christ. While we're not affiliated with any one church or denomination, our staff does hold to a common statement of faith.

Whether through structured Bible study time, or as truth is applied throughout each day, a camper's experience at T Bar M Camps is saturated with God's Word.

Where is T Bar M Camps?more

T Bar M has four camp programs on two properties. Our Sports Camp and Day Camp operate at our New Braunfels property, while Camp Travis sits on Lake Travis just outside of Austin, in Spicewood, TX. We also have a mobile day camp called, Discover252 that partners with churches to bring camp all across Texas.

When can I Register?more

Our camps operate throughout the summer in 10 one week sessions. The cost of each camp varies, but we guarantee that the gift of camp for your child, is one of the greatest investments you can make.

Registration for brand new campers opens to the public on September 15th. However, if you're an existing camper, get the scoop on our Early Bird Registration.

What else should I know?more

Give me the scoop on friend requests. How about lost and found? Is there a reason, Camp Travis cabins have no air-conditioning? What are payment options for the Camp Store? Can I send packages and letters? Tell me more about opening and closing day. What if I have a Sports Camp and Camp Travis camper? What if I need to cancel registration? Emailing [email protected] to request a scholarship application is a way I can possibly receive some financial assistance.

If you did not find the answers you were looking for here, we have a page with even more details OR give us a call at 830-620-4263.

Our coaches are the heartbeat and heroes of camp. They are on the front lines of your child's experience, leading them through the adventure we call camp. Read more about Our Coaches... We Can't Wait for You to Meet Them". Our directors devote several weeks in the fall and spring traveling throughout Texas and the surrounding states engaging college students on their campuses about the opportunity to work at T Bar M Camps. Here is a fun blog post that describes more of what we look for in our coaches, "They Love God. They Love Kids. They Love to Play". To apply, students complete an extensive online application requiring insight from three references as well as a background check. After that, our directors interview each applicant thoroughly with challenging questions to uncover a student's life story, their character and passion. Prior to the start of camp, we host our staff for two weeks in preparation for the summer ahead. This mandatory time is spent training our leadership teams and coaches in specialty areas like the pool and ropes course, but also in the vision, purpose and application of why we do what we do. Coaches become acquainted with our child protection plan, learn and practice safety precautions, study and prepare to lead Bible studies, and enter into and take on the wild, fun and crazy culture of camp. Get a greater glimpse of training from our blog post, "Training Week Thoughts from a Coach". As college students, our coaches take on a variety of roles in the summer time to care for and elevate the camp experience of your child. They serve as care-takers, life-guards, teachers, encouragers, role models, best friends, super heroes, safe places, problem solvers, hard workers and of course, fun experts. To learn more about who are coaches are, read this fun blog post, It's a Dad! It's a Mom! No, It's a Coach!". In order for our coaches to dedicate all that they are into their campers, we are intentional about investing in our coaches. Each coach attends staff bible study twice a week, and is plugged into a smaller 'covenant group' of coaches lead by one of our leadership staff. This group is in place to meet together and encourage one another through out a week of camp. Just as we expect our leadership to invest in coaches, so our directors, lead, guide and disciple our leadership teams. Each of our pools are supervised by Red Cross Certified Lifeguards at a 1 to 35, lifeguard to swimmer ratio. In addition to lifeguards, our coaching staff is trained on the various pool elements and are equipped to assist lifeguards in safety precautions and pool rules. Each camper's ability to swim is assessed through a swim test on the first day of camp. For your child's further protection, campers are sun screened before they enter the swim area and are administered ear drops as they exit. We monitor water levels daily on Lake Travis and adjust lake activities as necessary. While at our lake front, campers are required to wear a US Coast Guard Approved Life Vest. Life vests are fastened and checked on Kenny's Deck (which is located 50 feet from the lake), and are kept zipped and buckled throughout the activity period. Our dock is staffed by CPR and First Aid trained Red Cross Certified Lifeguards, and each of our boat drivers have a Texas Boater's License in congruence with our own certification course during staff training. Our ropes courses are certified by an outside approved agency, and are inspected regularly for maintenance and upkeep. Each course is directed by a Adventure Experienced Inc. Level 1 certified facilitator who is present at all times the course is in operation. Coaches who are trained to operate the ropes course have participated in 40 hours of training with one of our own AEI Level 2 certified facilitators and must pass a written and skills test. Equipment on the course is kept up to ACCT standard, and campers participating on course elements must wear a harness and helmet. In order to fuel the energy output camp activities require of growing bodies, we serve three balanced, large meals per day and make sure campers are drinking plenty of water. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are full sit-down affairs with entrees full of nutrient dense calories that satisfy not only the taste buds, but the whole body. In addition to these meals, we include a satisfying snack in the afternoon to give campers the extra boost they need to thrive until dinner is served. For special dietary needs like vegetarian or gluten-free, call us at 830.620.4263 and ask for a Camp Director. Be it allergies, asthma, or a host of other medical requirements, our staff is trained to support the medical needs of your camper. Prior to their arrival to camp, all campers must complete a detailed online health profile. This health profile is reviewed by our on-site R.N. and medical staff as they prepare to care for the needs of each camper along with administering scheduled medications. Our coaching staff is trained in basic First Aid and CPR, and is acquainted with our protocol if a medical emergency occurs. At T Bar M Camps, we have a ZERO tolerance for abusive behaviour of any kind. We are vigilant in our interview process, staff training and camp policies to take the highest precautions to protect your camper. In addition to participating in our extensive in person child protection training, each staff member is required to take TrainRight, an online abuse prevention course, prior to arriving at camp. Our protection plan and policies ensures the accountability of our staff to enforce and supervise specific boundaries regarding modesty, one-on-one interactions, appropriate touch and talk and respect for one another's territory. Campers, also, are informed of these boundaries by their Camp Director and are provided with many outlets to report any discomfort. Above and beyond the adventure of our high ropes courses and lake front activities, camp provides a safe environment that gives kids the freedom to shed expectations and take risks. This exploration encourages campers to challenge their comfort zone and step out in confidence when it comes to new situations and opportunities. Amid peer pressure, high academic expectations and excessive screen time, kids have less and less time to be kids. But at camp, we say, "Fun" is our middle name, and we don't waste an ounce of it. Each day of camp is packed full of goofy games, crazy chants and energizing activities that unleash the playful spirit in every child. Spending two hours a day learning the ins and outs of a particular sport, campers not only get exercise that stretches and grows, but are encouraged to compete with a proper respect for others, learning key components of teamwork and sportsmanship. On average, American kids spend as little as 5 minutes a day playing outside, and 7 hours a day on a screen. A week at camp is quite the opposite as kids unplug from their gadgets and are immersed in nature. Just like adults, kids need time and space outside to detox, relax and recharge.
Read more about the intentionality behind our 'no electronics' rule in our blog post, "Unplug and Survive".
Camp is an interdenominational place. Our staff and board come from multiple denominations and churches. However, we all work together to impress upon our campers the truth that "they will know us by our love." We focus on the uniting and binding aspects of the Word to empower our kids to love and serve as Christ did. From a child's first exposure to camp and throughout their summers with us, we care about the way they encounter God's Word... how they hear it, understand it and as a result, apply it to their lives. Therefore, we have three structured times a day devoted to Bible teaching.
-Each morning campers break up into small groups for a morning Bible study time called Batter's Box (at Sports Camp, Day Camp and Discover252) and First Fruits (at Camp Travis).
-MAC/WOG is a time at camp, midday, when our Men After Christ and Women of God separate into gender specific groups to learn how they were created to glorify God as men and women.
-Each evening, we gather as a camp to worship at Team Meeting (at Sports Camp) and Main Thing (at Camp Travis) where we dig deeper into the lesson we learned that morning.

Not only is the Bible taught at camp, but it is applied throughout daily activities. We are intentional about integrating God's Truth into ordinary life. After activities, campers pause to think about how their play connects to God's Word and real life experience. We also practice considering others more important than ourselves during meal times and in cabin clean up. Campers are encouraged by their coaches all day long to apply what they've learned about loving God and loving others in all that they do.
Read our blog article Sunrise to Sunset for even more information, or learn how Camp Travis applies God's Truth all day as they Think Twice.
At T Bar M Camps we want to share God's love with as many lives as possible. Running ten (10) one-week camps is the best way to make camp the most accessible to all. Check your dates with ours and register today!
Sports Camp Session Dates (Overnight Camp, New Braunfels, completed 1st-6th)
Camp Travis Session Dates (Overnight Camp, Spicewood, completed 7th-11th)
Day Camp Session Dates (Day Camp, New Braunfels, completed K-4th)
Discover252 Session Dates (Day Camp in your neighborhood, completed K-4th)
If you desire to send your camper for two weeks, we program our camp sessions to support that. Keep in mind, you will still need to pick up your camper between sessions.
Your camp tuition covers the cost of all the camp programming your children will experience.
We do offer some extra features such as photos, participating in golf (Sports Camp only) at the local public golf course and camp store items. However, over the years, it has become clear that some families will want these additions and some will not. We find it best to allow families to pay a base price for camp and decide on extras, as best fits their desires.
Our Early Bird Registration is available the day you drop off your camper. It's a great deal that lets you get next summer's camp at this summer's price and ensures that your camper has a spot for the next year long before registration opens to the public on September 15th.
If you want to think it over, you can also take advantage of Early Bird on Closing Day. Just look for the big red flags to find the booth! This will sign your camper up for the same session for the next summer. However, you can change that just by calling our offices after September 1st.
Friendships old and new are key to your camper's experience. We want to make sure that the dynamics of each cabin are carefully balanced, and limiting friend requests is one way we can build a cabin with a wonderful mix of personalities where everyone is included in the fun. Therefore, each camper is limited to two friend requests.
Read our blog article, "A Treasure To Be Found" for even more information about friend requests.
We encourage our camp families to write letters and/or send packages during a camper's stay. Many of our camp moms write their notes and make their packages before camp and bring them to opening day and drop them off at our mail station. The mail bins are separated by days of the week so you can have your letters/packages delivered to your child on whatever day you want.
Please note: food is NOT allowed to be delivered to a camper (we don't want little critters running around our cabins) and packages cannot be larger than a 9x12 envelope. We don't encourage expensive or large items to be delivered to your camper.
Camp is a family experience, and we love when everyone is a part of it. Opening Day provides the opportunity for parents to meet their camper's coach, and to help younger campers settle into their cabin. At the end of the week, we welcome you back for our Closing Day Ceremony to hear stories about your child's week at camp. We hope you'll choose to participate in the life-changing week of your camper. More details about opening and closing can be found on individual camp web pages.
Read more from our blog articles "Opening Day" and "Closing Day."
Sadly, there is nothing like a bullet train between New Braunfels and Lake Travis. The state doesn't seem to think it a priority. However, we do have our Closing Day schedules specifically designed to accommodate families with campers in both locales.
It is roughly an 80-minute drive between the two camps and every family will need to decide their own tactics for getting to both places. That said, the schedule at Sports Camp is set so that a family can arrive, attend cabin time (the coaches will know of your needs and put your camper's presentation first), and then get on the road in time to attend your other camper's presentation at Camp Travis.
To make this as simple as possible, there is a "Tour de Camp" booth waiting for you at Sports Camp with current information and all the details you need make the Tour easy.
Your camper's Store Account can have money added to it any time before camp using your online account. After camp, any funds left over, greater than $5.00, will be refunded at the end of the camp season. Any balances of less than $5.00 will be added to the camp general donation fund. As a family, you can also make purchases from the store on both Opening and Closing days. On opening and closing day, the store accepts cash, checks, Visa, Mastercard, and Discover cards. In Central Texas, most would think this to be extremely important. However, Camp Travis has a proud tradition of unplugging the campers from all the electronic distractions of their lives and refocusing them on the Lord, His beautiful creation, and each other. With all of our cabins built on the ridge of Lake Travis, not only is there a constant breeze, we also have commercial fans to pull heat out of the cabins. Each camper is welcome to bring a small personal fan, too. Label everything. Label everything. Label. Everything. Our coaches work to make sure our campers keep their areas organized and separate, and cabin cleanup includes a time for checking possessions, but inevitably some things get left. Please check your camper's belongings, yourself, before leaving.
That said, after each camp session all found items are rounded up and boxed by session. They will be available for three weeks if you call or email us with descriptions of the items or if we can identify them.
We realize life can throw us curveballs so we will work to help you find another camp session to transfer to. If this still doesn't work, we have a cancellation policy you can review here.