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Applying for Summer Staff Login Help

Having issues? See if it is described below.


Cant create account: "Duplicate Account" error

If you are unable to create an account because of an existing duplicate account, here are the steps to resolve.

-Have your parent sign into their account at https://register.tbarmcamps.org/Account
-Click "My Profile" and then "Manage Family"
-Click the name of the individual you are trying to sign in as
-Add an email address to this individual (this will be your username to sign into the application)
-Log out of parent account

Once you have an email attached to your account go to register.tbarmcamps.org/login

-Click "Forgot Password" and follow the steps to create a new password for your account


After that you should be able to log into your own account and fill our an application with your information.

If you still have issues email us at [email protected] (for those applying to work during the summer ONLY)