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Mike Edge

Director of Food Services

Mike started his journey at T Bar M in 2000 as the Director of Food and Beverage and a year later become the General Manager for TBarM Retreat and Conference Center. He has a passion for cooking and Texas hospitality. He has a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management from the University of Houston and has over 40 years of experience in the hospitality business.

Mike is a total Camp Dad. He has two kids that have "Walked the Walk" - going through Day Camp, Sports Camp and Camp Travis. Matthew and Meagan not only went through camp but also became Camp Coaches the minute they were old enough to do so. Matthew has been a coach at Travis for several years and Meagan has been at day camp. Matthew has graduated from Baylor and is now in Graduate School North Texas. Meagan is a junior at TCU.

Mike is married to Kristine and they have been married 25 years in June! They met in Austin, got married in Dallas and settled in New Braunfels 22 years ago, (boy, time sure does fly). Kristy is a Sales Manager for SWBC in San Antonio and together they are excited to see God's plan in motion.