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Sarah Persyn

Retreats Marketing Manager

Sarah grew a love for T Bar M from an early beginning when her mother, Martha started working at T Bar M in 1999.  Sarah grew up in New Braunfels and graduated from Sam Houston State University. In 2008 Sarah married her husband Matt right here at T Bar M in the Sanctuary.
In 2009 she joined the T Bar M team as the sales office manager where she enjoyed the atmosphere of guests ready to have a good time and being a part of creating a great experience for them. In 2011 Sarah and Matt welcomed their first child, a little girl named Gracyn. Sarah decided to take time off work to enjoy motherhood for a year. When Sarah rejoined the workforce, she worked as the Director of Marketing and PR for Texas Trophy Hunters. In 2013, Sarah and Matt welcomed their second daughter, Claire. T Bar M was never far from Sarah's mind and she remained close with all her old coworkers. When she heard the marketing position opened up at T Bar M she knew it was what was right for her and her family and made the move later that year in 2013.
Sarah loves that her job is to relay how great T Bar M is to the public...when you truly believe it; it's not hard to do!
Sarah loves any chance to be outside, enjoys reading, and is the happiest when all her family is together.