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Taylor Boenker

Retreat Coordinator

Taylor started at T Bar M as a part-time intern in 2014 while attending Texas State University (Go Bobcats!). Even though her university requests each internship to be at a new location, she loved T Bar M so much that she completed all three internships with T Bar M! After graduating with a degree in recreational administration, she was offered a full time position as an event coordinator.
Originally from Bryan, TX , Taylor decided to run towards the river and outlet mall!! She loves to travel and explore. A few of her favorite things to do are go to wild life ranches, zoos and aquariums. Taylor has a love for live music, fishing and cowboy boots...you will very rarely see her not wearing a pair of boots of some sort.

Taylor loves getting to serve such a wide variety of groups. Each event is special to her and she loves seeing the outcome of all the hard work and planning! Creating a stress-free environment for our groups to grow in their relationship with each other and the Lord is what drives her each day. During her time here at T Bar M she has made life time friendships and thinks of all of her coworkers more like family than just work mates.  T Bar M has had a huge impact on her life personally and spiritually and she hopes our groups feel that connect with T Bar M too.