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Connie Wehe

Food and Beverage Manager

Connie has been with T Bar M since 1990, when she started as a server in the kitchen. Through the years she grew from server to camp kitchen leader, to cook, to asst. manager to Manager! She loves that she has watched T Bar M change and grow throughout the years. Connie enjoys the challenges of her job and that there is never a dull moment.
Connie was born and raised in New Braunfels, where she attended St. Peter and Paul and NBISD.

She married in 1974 to a wonderful man, Dennis. Connie and Dennis have 2 beautiful children, Crystal & Chad. Then came a long a beautiful daughter-in-law and grandchildren. Chad has 2 beautiful children Meryck & Major. Crystal is in the process of adopting a set of twins, Maitland and Madden.

In her spare time Connie surrounds herself with her grandchildren, where she loves watching her grandchildren participate in their sports, as well as my son's games of football and baseball that he coaches.