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Take A Stand Lyrics

Verse 1
Sometimes a tree is rooted Deep in the ground
Other times it's just more suited To falling down
And we get to choose win or lose
Stand or fall But Jesus in us will bring on the change
Responding to His power and strength
Fully committed
As Jesus intended
The time is now
And we will take a stand And stand till we drop
We'll be the light of day Shinin' through the dark
That's right we We're never gonna let the darkness
Gain ground Even if it's just the hardest
We'll take a stand

Verse 2
Can we be that rigid? Stand like a stone
Even when inside we're timid
Feel all alone
Afraid to stick out
Full of these doubts
I can't do it
But Jesus gives us all that we need
To be the men and women who'll be
Fully committed
As Jesus intended
The time is now

Therefore put on the full armor of God
So that when the day of evil comes
You may stand


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