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Summer 2018 Theme Reveal

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The Real Deal

Love God, Love Each Other. It is our mantra here at camp, and people all over the world recognize the importance of love. But if people think love is important, then how is there so much conflict? What is the disconnect? Is there a barometer to test what REAL love looks like?

Theme Verse:

Dear children, let us not love with words or speech but with actions and in truth.


1 John 3:18

The apostle John tells us the true test and proof of one's love is not one's verbal profession of it (in words and tongue) but one's willingness to act out the true love they have (with actions and in truth). This is best displayed by Jesus Christ himself. He said He loved us and indeed He did. But as the saying goes, "the proof is in the pudding." He proved His love for us by willingly sacrificing Himself for us. His love is THE REAL DEAL.

The love God has for us is so strong and pure that it produced action by Jesus's coming and sacrifice. The question and the challenge for us is: will we choose to be so moved by THE REAL DEAL love that we are driven to truly and sacrificially love others by our actions and with truth?

Each camp will be studying the real deal love of Jesus through the teachings of the apostle of love, John.

Day Camp, Discover252 and Sports Camp will be in the Gospel of John. Camp Travis will be studying the epistle 1 John. 

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David Dunn brings us a fun song you'll be playing through your speakers for weeks, months or even years to come. 

David Dunn is a contemporary Christian artist, singer/song writer, and former T Bar M camper! David has now penned 9 (count 'em) theme songs for T Bar M. As his popularity as a Christian artist grows, he continues to bring his talents back to camp year after year. 

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The Theme TShirt will be available for purchase in our online camp store in April, or when at our Camp Store when you arrive for camp. Show up the first day wearing THE REAL DEAL!

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